Connect with Talk Fusion

Bob Reina, the CEO of Talk Fusion, recently sat down with ABC Action News to discuss his innovative company. Reina actually has a background in law enforcement but broke into the technology field when he was unable to send a large video to a family member through email. His company is truly the solution to a personal problem in his life.



Talk Fusion is an all-in-one video marketing solution. The company is now nine years old and can work on a personal level or as a solution for large businesses and companies. Their software is easy to use and affordable, with some plans as low as $25. One of the really neat aspects about Talk Fusion is the ability they have to essentially partner with businesses to market and brand their product. Talk Fusion has incredible marketing, technology, and customized graphic support which allows them to work with any type of company to brand virtually any product.



Talk Fusion has recently introduced a free 30-day trial for businesses to use their services for up to 30 days before purchasing. No credit card is needed, and it is a risk-free opportunity to test out the service and discover the benefits it can provide. Talk Fusion also offers completely free service to non-profit organizations and charities.



Talk Fusion is always working on unveiling new technology and services, currently they offer services for video email, video newsletters, live meetings, video chat, and sign-up forms. Talk Fusion is based in Tampa, FL but they have grown quickly and globalized their services to companies all over the world.