Doe Deere Talks About Creating Her Beauty Business

Doe Deere, founder of the beauty line Lime Crime, recently sat down for an interview to discuss starting her own business, the lessons that she’s learned along the way, and where she wants to grow. Not only did Deere have a lot of information for female business owners to learn from, it was an interesting look into how serendipitous new businesses can be. Started in 2008, Lime Crime was created out of necessity, to compliment a line of clothing that Doe Deere was selling online via popular site, eBay.

Deere recalled wanting to have creative control over all aspects of her fashion line, and not being able to find the color rich shades and hues of makeup that she envisioned models in. Her first clients were the same clients that were already purchasing her fashion designs, and all interested in unique, bold, and bright colors of makeup. Deere said that while this was an entirely new brand and line, it was easy for her to market to clients because she understood the customers that she wanted to reach.

One of the most impressive responses from Deere, and one that other business owners can learn from, is that success and the future of your business all centers around the customers. In the interview she said that success for her and the brand was the customers that are proud to wear and use the brand, and serving them to the best ability possible. When we love something, we talk about it, we use it, and Deere finds that her clients are the root of her success.

Breakthroughs and things in a saturated market that set you apart are integral to running a successful business, and while Lime Crime is all about the color options, lots of hard work and effort go into creating new products. For Lime Crime, their vegan, liquid to matte- a new market category- was, and has been huge. For Dee, being able to bring these new options to customers, and give them needed products that the industry has yet to fill the gap for has been rewarding and set her brand apart from all the big, name brands out there.

In the end, Doe Deere says it’s all about passion when starting your own business. Having a great product isn’t enough, you have to want it to succeed and do everything in your power to make all of it happen.


Darius Fisher Strives To Increase Job Satisfaction

On February 11th, 2016, Status Labs president and co-founder Darius Fisher shared his tips on increasing employee job satisfaction with Forbes magazine. He strongly believes that maintaining happy workers can reduce turnover within a company. Because Fisher has been the primary leader of Status Labs for the past three years, he is well-qualified to provide business advice.

According to an article in ERE Media, replacing an employee can cost between 30 to 400 percent of the worker’s annual salary. The exact cost of the replacement depends on the skill level of the professional. While eliminating turnover completely is unlikely, most companies can greatly increase the employee job satisfaction.

Creating incentivized goals will motivate almost every employee. In 2015, Fisher offered Apple watches, vacation trips, and monthly home cleaning services to team members who surpassed quarterly goals. If these types of incentives are not in a company’s budget, the chief executive officer can provide exceptional employees with an extra vacation day. Some additional possible rewards include a free month of yoga classes, movie tickets, or monthly massages.

Regularly acknowledging accomplishments will also greatly increase the employee job satisfaction. Therefore, Fisher always sends an email to the entire company when a team member completes a challenging project, closes a big sale, or generates major press for the business. Here are some examples of key yet simple phases: “Emily has been outstanding in the Public Relations Department this week!” or “Everyone congratulate David! He completed a major transaction with a client for 40, 000.” These small and thoughtful gestures will have a massive impact on morale.

Lastly, providing regular and sufficient raises will encourage employees to continue to complete quality work. Moreover, the prospect of a pay increase will discourage workers from searching for a career elsewhere. Along with frequent raises, some additional incentives include fostering a creative workspace, recognizing birthdays, and scheduling fun office activities.

Fisher received his college education from Vanderbilt University, and he has been working as a professional for the past ten years. He hopes that his great business advice will help companies reduce their turnover rates.