Norman Pattiz Revolutionizes the Podcast Industry

For the longest time, PodcastOne has led the podcast industry in revolutionary technology and features. For years, the company’s wanted to bring something new and exciting to the world of podcast. That dream was realized recently when the company announced its new mobile app.

This app comes with many new features that are first-time options for podcast listeners. Not only will listeners have hundreds of shows to listen to, some of them even have recorded video to go along with the audio. In some cases, the video is filmed in virtual reality. That’s what’s got most people excited about this new app.

The virtual reality brings whole other element to the podcast world. It was important to Norman Pattiz, founder of PodcastOne, that the virtual reality be as real as possible. To ensure the highest quality, PodcastOne partnered with Mandt VR, one of the best in the virtual reality business.

Mandt VR began setting up the newest equipment as soon as possible. They rigged numerous studios in every major PodcastOne building. They even set mobile equipment so that hosts can travel and continuous shoot VR footage. To date, the two companies have filmed over 1,000 VR videos.

After the announcement, Neil Mandt, founder of Mandt VR, talked about working with Norman Pattiz. He considers Pattiz to be a media pioneer ( He got to watch Pattiz persuade his company to try something new that no one else would’ve done. Mandt actually praises Pattiz for launching innovative features and embracing new technology.

PodcastOne as a company adopted numerous first-time business methodsb ( When podcasts first became popular, PodcastOne studied how viable advertising on podcast shows would be. When they discovered that advertising on podcasts had a positive effect, they adopted the first advertising-based business model for a podcast company.

Before he launched PodcastOne, Pattiz founded Westwood One, the largest provider of programming in the broadcast industry. Westwood supplies several radio stations with news, sports, entertainment, talk, and traffic shows. Westwood also worked with numerous big-name media outlets like CBS News, CNN radio, NCAA Basketball, and The Super Bowl.

Even before Westwood One and PodcastOne, Pattiz’s career was astonishing. He created the biggest network in the Arabic language that broadcasts in several countries. He also served as a governor on the Broadcasting Board of Governors for two presidents.