Reputation Management Company Gives Recommendations on PR Pitches

Status Labs is a company that has created an empire based upon creating ways to improve any business or individual’s online reputation. As the media is becoming more and more relied on, Status Labs has figured out the best way to not only prevent negative PR, but also to spread positive PR for any business or individual that is constantly subjected to the public eye. Thanks to the experts at Status Labs, clients have increased positive online content that is continuously updated. This enables companies to drive sales and participation among the consumers. With locations in different areas around the world, Status Labs is able to attract some of the most prestigious organizations that are in need of the expertise that is offered at Status Labs.

In recent news, Status Labs is offering free advice on how to deal with the PR that is involved with anyone or any business that is successful or in the public eye. Here are a few tips offered by Status Labs.

1. Always Stay on Topic

Any topic that is pitched or discussed should be thoroughly researched before the presentation. For a successful PR pitch remember that it is important to not waste anyone’s time during the pitch.

2. Know the Client

All clients that choose to work with specific companies or individuals want to know what advantage they will gain if choosing them. Before ever pitching an idea that is related to Public Relations, make sure to know the client and what their background is in. It is important to also engage the client on social media so that they can also see your profile.

3. Learn How to Tell a Story

Above all, clients like to be entertained. If the PR pitch is a good yet dry pitch with no passion or story line, there is a strong likely hood that the pitch will not be chosen. Learn how to turn the pitch into a story and use time, significance, as well as interest when giving an explanation. If the client likes you and your entertaining pitch, that client will turn into a long-lasting one. Visit Status Labs on Tumblr to learn more.

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Darius Fisher Strives To Increase Job Satisfaction

On February 11th, 2016, Status Labs president and co-founder Darius Fisher shared his tips on increasing employee job satisfaction with Forbes magazine. He strongly believes that maintaining happy workers can reduce turnover within a company. Because Fisher has been the primary leader of Status Labs for the past three years, he is well-qualified to provide business advice.

According to an article in ERE Media, replacing an employee can cost between 30 to 400 percent of the worker’s annual salary. The exact cost of the replacement depends on the skill level of the professional. While eliminating turnover completely is unlikely, most companies can greatly increase the employee job satisfaction.

Creating incentivized goals will motivate almost every employee. In 2015, Fisher offered Apple watches, vacation trips, and monthly home cleaning services to team members who surpassed quarterly goals. If these types of incentives are not in a company’s budget, the chief executive officer can provide exceptional employees with an extra vacation day. Some additional possible rewards include a free month of yoga classes, movie tickets, or monthly massages.

Regularly acknowledging accomplishments will also greatly increase the employee job satisfaction. Therefore, Fisher always sends an email to the entire company when a team member completes a challenging project, closes a big sale, or generates major press for the business. Here are some examples of key yet simple phases: “Emily has been outstanding in the Public Relations Department this week!” or “Everyone congratulate David! He completed a major transaction with a client for 40, 000.” These small and thoughtful gestures will have a massive impact on morale.

Lastly, providing regular and sufficient raises will encourage employees to continue to complete quality work. Moreover, the prospect of a pay increase will discourage workers from searching for a career elsewhere. Along with frequent raises, some additional incentives include fostering a creative workspace, recognizing birthdays, and scheduling fun office activities.

Fisher received his college education from Vanderbilt University, and he has been working as a professional for the past ten years. He hopes that his great business advice will help companies reduce their turnover rates.