Dr. Walden – One Of The Best 25 Cosmetic Surgeons

It is pleasing to note that Dr. Jennifer Walden was voted one of the best 25 cosmetic surgeons in America. This was according to the Harper’s Bazaar magazine. For the people of Texas, this is a blessing because she has transferred her business from New York to Austin, the latter being the place where she is from.

Her New York Presence

Her cosmetic surgery business in New York was successful for many years. It began in 2004 and lasted until 2011. It was when she decided to start a family that she embarked on her journey back to her roots in Austin Texas.

Professional Expertise

Dr. Walden is well-known in her field. She served as the Program Director for the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship. It was there that she learned a lot about her field and practiced impeccably so that she was a huge success in what she does.

Education Had A Key Influence In Dr. Walden’s Life

She received an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas. This set the groundwork for her astute interest in cosmetic surgery. She then proceeded to get her Doctorate. She received this from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Having the knowledge and the self-esteem to conquer new heights in the field, she ventured out bravely to become known as one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the US. Her work speaks for itself when her patients recommend her to others for her expertise and knowledge. She not only understands her patients, but she can relate to them in a very personal way making her a very hands-on surgeon that is trusted by her clientele.

An amazing doctor and person, Dr. Jennifer Walden is back in her hometown, giving her twin boys the benefits of growing up around family that cares about them. Her love of family goes back to the beginning, and she considers her mother her best role model. That is quite a compliment, since Dr. Walden has made such a huge success of her own life both in her professional and personal sectors.