Meet the exceptional cosmetic surgeon: Dr Walden

Dr Jennifer Walden is a world renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the world. After graduating Anderson High School, Dr Walden enrolled in the University of Texas where she undertook a bachelor’s in Biology. She did so well that she decided to specialize on aesthetic and plastic surgery in the University of Texas Medical Branch where she gained knowledge and the appropriate skills in plastic surgery.



Her career journey began at the University of Texas Medical Branch where she did her residency in aesthetic surgery. Additionally, she worked alongside DR Sherrell Aston at the Manhattan Eye, EAR and Throat Hospital where she obtained her fellowship. After her fellowship, she worked at New York City Upper East Side where she continued obtaining skills and broadening her knowledge on the same.



Dr. Jennifer  Walden passion and dedication for aesthetic and plastic surgery has been well received and noted in the States and across the globe. While working in New York, she took part in plenty of clinical trials and the study of breast enlargement and surgery. Through her hard work, she was able to convince the panels that silicone implants used for breasts were safe and later they were reintroduced back into the system.



Dr Walden has plenty of years of experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery. From her experiences, she founded her private practice called Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center that is headquartered in Austin, Texas. She decided to relocate her practice in Austin Texas following the birth of her twins. Some of the procedures Dr Walden takes part in include:



  1. Skin care procedures
  2. Breast surgeries, breast augmentation, breast lift
  3. Body surgeries, liposuction, thigh lift
  4. Non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation
  5. Laser procedures
  6. Hair restoration among others
  7. Face surgery
  8. Injectables


Dr Walden has conducted thousands of procedures and has more than ten years in the field of cosmetic surgery. She is also an expert commentator on plastic surgery on Fox News, ABC News and others. Additionally, she is one of the authors of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbooks. With her knowledge and experience, she is one of the board of directors in American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery