FreedomPop Offers up a New Way to Use Phones

Phones have become just as much of a necessity in many people’s life as water. Water is usually free to anyone who needs it. Even if one can’t get it from pipes, there’s still water to be found for free all over any given city or countryside. Most people would never think that the same thing could happen to smartphone service. A company called FreedomPop is quickly changing people’s minds about it. FreedomPop isn’t just proposing such an idea, they’ve actually been delivering on it for years.


A recent FreedomPop review went over the various options involved with the company. The author of the article was understandably enthusiastic over the entire concept. As he noted, in the early days of the internet many people expected it to be free. FreedomPop is offering up a chance to reconnect with those ideals while also staying in touch with friends and family.


The base plan from FreedomPop involves around 500 MB of free data and 200 minutes of talk time. That 500 MB of data will also be used for texting. The amount of data used is roughly comparable to what one would expect from sending an email. Of course the fact that it’s sent over data means that a wifi connection will vastly expand the reach of the plan for texting or anything else. FreedomPop recently stepped up and demonstrated once again that they have a real commitment to their user base. They noted just how important wifi was to their users. As such, FreedomPop has been working to set up new hotspots and join into existing ones. For just $5 a month users will have the opportunity to link into an unlimited amount of wifi networks all over the globe.


This is a great opportunity for any device which makes use of the internet. FreedomPop based phones, in particular, stand to gain a lot from the idea though. Again, much of this comes down to the methods by which FreedomPop differs from the competition. They’re a newer company when compared to existing phone companies. As such, FreedomPop has been using and targeting the latest technologies right from the start. Texting, for example, isn’t some new service they’ve had to shoehorn into an existing infrastructure. Instead they’ve been able to work it into their plans as a data based rather than cell based service right from the start. This attention to the power of the internet is one of the points which can keep their costs down. Their lowered costs for infrastructure can in turn lead to lower costs for users. Right down to being able to offer free service.

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Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Does It Again


Some people say that talk is cheap and Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina agrees. Since new technology is forcing business people to use video more and more in their emails and online marketing efforts, Talk Fusion figured they might as well make it cost effective for the user. Small business and even fortune five hundred companies are using video to offer better service to their customers and even to help bring in new business. The problem is two fold for most companies. First, the process of using video has not been easy to use. In the past you had to learn to use the technology to convert the video into an easy to use format that could be used in email or on your website. Often this was not even a real option. Second, if it could be done, it cost the person doing it big bucks. Talk Fusion and Bob Reina changed that once and for all.

For anyone who does not know, Talk Fusion is a video communications business. They make products that are used for video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking. One of the best parts about the whole process is that it is super easy to use. When a person or company wants to send a video email message, they record the message on a web cam or flip cam or any other camera. Next they open up the Talk Fusion portal and upload the video. Next it is simply a matter of making the message your own and using a template to send it out to your clients, prospects and friends.One thing that people love about using Talk Fusion is that it is cost effective and easy to use. People love the fact that they have everything under on roof with this service.

Bob Reina created this company when he tried to send a quick video to a friend using email He couldn’t figure out how to do it and contacted AOL. They told him that is could not be done. That answer was not good enough for Bob. He and a friend of his created the programs to send the video via email and today that same idea is behind the creation of Talk Fusion. Bob has kept the cost down for the users and even offered a trial service so that business people can try the service. Bob Reina knows that he has a great product and service that people will love.


FreedomPop Has The Cell Phone Service That Beats Other Carriers

It sounds like a great idea to buy a cell phone, but sometimes, after purchasing a phone, there isn’t much left to pay for the service. FreedomPop is helping those who want to get both a cell phone service and a great new phone by lowering the price of their refurbished phones significantly. Not only will a person be able to save money by purchasing FreedomPop cell phones but a month of free service is included, which is a big savings in itself. The service will boast a gigabyte of Internet as well as unlimited texts and calls.

Cell phones are so low-cost these days that some people may own several phones that they may have sitting around the house, and they’re not using them. Smartphones have dropped in price is over the years, but it’s still possible to spend $600 or more on a great smartphone. Those who don’t mind having a lower end smartphone can still get the best out of their phone, and they can end up spending around $50 or even less. Some smartphones come with a plan, and for around $100 or less a person can get a smartphone along with one month of unlimited phone service. Although each cell phone service provider is different, many are lowering their prices to accommodate their customers.

Some people may switch from one smartphone to another because they find that the specs in a certain smartphone don’t have what they want. Maybe one smartphone doesn’t have GPS, so the person will upgrade to another smartphone that does have GPS. It’s possible that a smartphone doesn’t have 4G LTE capabilities, so the person will switch from a 4G phone to one that can has 4G LTE data speeds. There are many reasons to trade in a current smartphone and get another one, and those that want a new phone should go to FreedomPop.

Not only does FreedomPop have the lowest unlimited cell phone plan of any other carrier, but the crystal clear call quality that they have is also remarkable too. FreedomPop has many ways that they can make their customers happy, and they don’t only have cell phone service. Those looking for a low-cost cell phone service can get one that’s free of charge from FreedomPop, and the plan includes 200 minutes of talk time, or they can choose the unlimited call plan. The unlimited plan gives unlimited minutes, text, and data, and the cost is only $20 a month. Anyone who has a Sprint enabled phone can switch it over to FreedomPop for service.

Handy Services Are Available To Everyone

There’s nothing worse than having hope that a startup will be successful and having it fail, but Homejoy Inc. is now experiencing this. Homejoy Inc., whose been around for some time now, they’ve recently had to file for bankruptcy. Even after collecting $38 million in startup funding, they’ve filed for bankruptcy due to several factors. Homejoy Inc. had home cleaning services that started at $25 an hour, and they were also adding carpet cleaning services as well as expanding their service lineup. Even with their past success, the company could not withstand many of its obstacles and had to ultimately file for bankruptcy, which now puts Handy, a competing company, in the forefront for those who need home cleaning services.

Those who have a smartphone can also download the Handy application, and they can book a cleaning or any other Handy service as they feel the need to. Handy is not only an amazing service, but it’s also affordable as well. Those who are looking for any type of service that Handy offers can book the services, and they’ll find out the price of the service as well as what the service consists of. If there is a change and the service needs to be canceled, this can also be done online as well.

Handy is unlike any other cleaning service because every person that Handy hires is a professional. Each Handy worker is professionally trained to clean a home, assemble items, fix plumbing, and a lot more. Those who hire a Handy service person will know that they are getting the best type of person for the work, and they’ll also know that they are paying a very affordable price is well. Handy is becoming a very popular service, and many are raving about the professional work that they are getting from the workers at Handy. Those who need any kind of services done in their home should contact Handy services, especially since they can have a worker come out to a person’s home the very next day. Don’t wait any longer, give Handy a call.

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FreedomPop is Poised to be the Leader in Wireless Service Providers

FreedomPop is gearing up to have a very productive 2016 and a recent article detailed all the exciting things on the horizon for the relatively new wireless company. The article titled “MVNO FreedomPop launched Black Friday Promotions of Cheaper Devices, Free Month of Service” appeared on and discussed how FreedomPop planned to offer steep discounts as well as their future expansion plans.

Propelled by an investment from Intel Capital, FreedomPop plans to expand its offerings in the coming year. The article mentioned that this new funding is perfect timing for FreedomPop since they recently received $10 million in investment capital from Axiata Group, a major telecom firm that reaches millions of customers worldwide and an additional $60 million in June 2015 from several investors. Stephen Stokols, CEO of FreedomPop, remarked on the high satisfaction rate with its investors but stated there are no plans to sell the company just yet.

FreedomPop not only discounts wireless service, but also offers substantial discounts on mobile phones and tablets for its customers. Devices are discounted up to 90% off retail that brings a new level of access for those who may have previously had difficulty obtaining a device due to the cost. FreedomPop sells some of the most popular smartphones and tablets on the market, ensuring customers don’t have to settle for less when they choose them as a provider. This coupled with their completely free model puts them in position to be at the forefront of affordable wireless providers.

FreedomPop’s goal is to change mobile service as we know it by offering more free services than any of the current wireless service providers. Their business model is simple: provide subscribers with the 100% free wireless phone and internet service. Freedompop is hailed as the “First Ever Free Mobile Phone Service” and they offer portable Wi-Fi devices that allow customers to access the internet any time, any place.