Covering the Oscar Pistorius Trial

One of the saddest stories to come out of the wake of the 2012 Olympics was the story of runner Oscar Pistorius. Pistorius had achieved the remarkable feat of becoming a top runner, competing in the Olympics and other major events, even though he was a double amputee. The athlete’s legs had been amputated when he was 11 months old, but he was able to run on prosthetic running blades and became a top athlete despite his disability. The irony is that his achievement was destroyed when he was convicted of killing his girlfriend, model Reeve Steenkamp, in a shooting incident on February 14, 2013.

The case was a sad, violent and confusing one that has lead to many legal twists and turns. Pistorius owned a gun and shot at what he said was an intruder in the house where he and Miss Steenkamp lived. In the initial trial, Pistorius was convicted to a five year sentence for culpable homicide. There was also a three year suspended sentence handed down for reckless endangerment. These convictions were, however, overturned by the prosecutorial team.

The defendant was released from prison temporarily in October of 2015, but he was then convicted for murder on December 3 of 2015. His prior conviction for culpable homicide was overturned. Pistorius will be sentenced in April of 2016 and he is currently under house arrest.

The many turns and twists in this case have made it a challenging one to cover for journalists. South African legal analyst Brenda Wardle, who holds three law degrees, has been lending her expertise to coverage of the case, and has done an impeccable job of communicating developments in the trial of the once heralded runner.

Wardle’s impressive background in law has served her well as she has followed the trial. She is often called on for updates by major media channels including Fox News and Sky News Prime Time. As the story continues to unfold, there’s no double Wardle will be there to illuminate viewers on how the story of Oscar Pistorius will ultimately end.

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