The Fabletics CEO and Amazon CEO Face-Off

There is a lot of talk about the Fabletics brand and the way that Kate Hudson has changed the way that women see athletic gear. She has done some amazing things in a short amount of time, and it appears that Kate Hudson is just getting started. She has shown that she is dedicated to bringing forth a company that has a diverse line of athleisure wear that is comfortable and durable. What she may not have counted on is the amount of competition that came from Amazon, but she is still ready to handle this adversary. This is already preparing to launch some physical stores to get to customers that a cyber store like Amazon cannot reach.


A large part of the reason that she may have never considered the competition with Amazon is because this is an online store that sells everything. There are many people that buy electronics on Amazon that are not even aware that this company is selling clothes. In reality, however, Amazon is selling just about everything. Jeff Bezos is a very competitive person and he has made his way to the top by being a hard-nosed CEO that will tear into any executive that is not making Amazon profitable. Jeff and Kate have completely different personalities when it comes to business decisions, and this will be the interesting part of the competition between them.


Most people that have checked out any of the Fabletics commercials will see Kate Hudson has the same warm comical personality that is seen in the movies that she stars in. Jeff Bezos, by contrast, is someone that is rarely seen by the public in relation to his Amazon website. He is disconnected from customers. It is also evident that Kate is putting her personal spin on what she likes in terms of workout clothes. She gives her own personal recommendations. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, on the other hand, is not really present through his cyber store. Instead, he relies heavily on the reviews of consumers that have tried products. They write customer reviews about the things that they have tried and this can encourage other customers to try the same products. That is where their style of luring customers differs.


It is totally understandable that some of the customers will head in the direction that Kate is going with Fabletics because they like her hands-on approach. There are others that are going to be more interested in what Amazon may offer and they may be less concerned about the opinions of the CEO of the company. Ultimately, however, there is a level of consumer appeal that extends to social media. This type of expansion leads to a greater number of customers that are embracing Fabletics. There are other companies like Amazon that are big not really popular through social media circuits. Fabletics, however, has been embraced by other celebrities and there is a lot of Buzz about this product line on social media websites like Twitter and Instagram.

Fabletics Offers Big Deals on Active Wear For Users Switching From Amazon

Are you planning a getaway sometime in the near future? Are you looking forward to summer and need some new swimwear? Have you been looking at Amazon for new swimwear? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should check out what Fabletics has to offer. Right now, they are helping make it easier for more people to switch from Amazon to Fabletics. Up until now, Amazon controlled up to twenty percent of the customers shopping online. Because of this, many new customers have begun looking at competitors web stores. Fabletics knew that they needed something that others didn’t have and that’s when they came up with the membership idea. Here are some things you might not have heard about with their company.


Fabletics is more than just active sportwear


Currently Fabletics has a wide range of products aimed at helping people get into better shape. For them, they knew that women wanted to look sexy while still feeling comfortable in what they are wearing. For them, they created a new line of swim wear that keeps you comfortable when swimming but is also alluring enough to keep some thinking. The Aloni is just one option to look at when seeking new swimwear. If you want another choice, the Zainub is another option.




Its all about the accessories right? I mean who doesn’t need them when working out. Everyone does. Everyone wants something that is going to help them when working out. For this reason, there are a number of different accessories for you to choose from when looking for your new active wear. They carry things like ear buds, water bottles, yoga towels and even new bags to keep all your exercise wear in.


Purses or Totes?


So you need something big enough to carry your keys in and wallet and other items in right? What if you could find something that keeps everything organized but is big enough that you can keep your workout gear in it as well. If you want something like this, the totes made by Fabletics are perfect. They look like purses but are big enough to keep everything in instead of carrying a number of different bags. They are quite popular for those people who are working out.


Leggings, Crops and More


If you need to shop for new bottoms for working out, there are a number of choices here for you choose from. The crops are quite popular which is a slightly longer pant leg than your shorts but are slightly shorter than a Capri. If you want something that goes all the way to your ankles, the leggings are perfect. If you want something that is more slightly comfortable than a legging and lets you more a little more, the capris are perfect. If you want something shorter, shop around in the store for the crop pants. They are a big hit so buy them while you can.


Make sure to become a member of Fabletics to save yourself even more money when shopping for your new active wear.

Fabletics Gets Customers Geared Up to Work Out

The Fabletics brand is getting a lot of exposure. There are more commercials now. There are more people that are buzzing about this on social media. It has quietly risen to the top as the leading workout clothing for women. This is great news for Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is co-founder of the Fabletics brand, and she has been taking a great amount of time to get things in order with this company.

Kate Hudson didn’t help discover the company, pump money into it and just go back into her acting circle. She actually stepped outside of her acting environment to engage thoroughly in the process of marketing the clothes on She put herself in the garments and even helped with some of the designing. This is what made people recognize the brand and take greater measures to see what the brand was about.

Today there are millions of customers that are ordering from this online site as more physical stores pop up. This is exactly where Kate Hudson wanted to take this company on Pinterest. She knew that there would be a point where she would start to saturate the crowd that she had online. There would eventually come a time when she would have to take the business to the next level. This is has involved the opening of stores. Right now there are more than 100 stores that are set to open in the next five years.

This is a symbol of great growth for Fabletics. It shows that this company is strong, and there are a lot of people that are looking forward to shopping in the stores. There is definitely a lot of praise for Fabletics because this is a company with comfortable clothing. The athleisure clothing is comfortable and stretchy. This is fabric that people can run errands in prior to working out. That makes it one of the best types of workout clothing on the market. That is the key to the success of Fabletics.

There is no surprise that the company is doing well. A lot of time has been put into making this company what it is today. There are people that are pleased with what Hudson has done, and they are interested in the new fall lineup of clothing that Fabletics is bringing to the market on There are a ton of people that are interested in what this brand has to offer to consumers.

Kate Hudson Keeps It Real

We shouldn’t expect any less from this adorable actress who America and the rest of the world has fallen in love with over the years. In this new commercial for Fabletics Kate Hudson really charms us with candid Iphone videos of her just being herself in her day to day life and enjoying her workout routine. Even though she is this beautiful Hollywood actress Kate has a way of making women from all walks of life want to be her best friend. She keeps it real and women love her for that.

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You may think Fabletics is just another business a celebrity started, but this line of active wear is truly exceptional in many ways. First of all, it is affordable so the everyday working woman won’t break the bank just to go work out in fashionable work out clothes. All women want to look nice even at the gym. Having the fun colors to wear that Fabletics offers can cheer you up and make you want to go hit the gym! Another reason the regular, non-celebrity woman can appreciate this active wear line is that it has something for everyone, no matter what size you are on Adweek. Whether you want sports bras or yoga pants or capri pants that have a way of slimming the figure or if you want tanks and shorts they have them all.

Fabletics has a variety of colors and styles also, including some things that are bright and vibrant with bold patterns and others that are more demure and neutral tones. Whatever your style or size they have it all.

With her Fabletics line and now with this new commercial, Kate shows us that she is in fact like us and enjoys life and wants to look good while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her big smile tells it all and makes us all want to jump in and work out in fabulous Fabletics active wear.