Keith Mann is a Smart Leader in both Business and Philanthropy World

Keith Mann is the Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, a company he co-founded to venture in the alternative investments and hedge funds. It specializes in the provision of executive search services and addressing the staffing needs for established equity firms. The company has filled over 2,000 client orders since inception in 2001. The company has expanded its portfolio beyond the provision of staffing service. Under the leadership of Keith Mann, Dynamic Search Partners has transformed into one of the most powerful and biggest databases of executives.

When Keith Mann started his career at Dynamic Associates, he was in charge of Alternative Investments Department. He ascended to the Vice President of the firm after holding numerous managerial and supervisory positions. His main agenda has been to revolutionize the entrepreneurial word.

Philanthropic activities

Keith Mann has managed to establish himself in the world of charitable giving. He financially supports community-based organizations, which support education, poverty eradication, provision of medical and shelter to homeless animals, and bettering the community.

Professional Achievement Award

At the beginning of 2016, Mann announced a scholarship program that acknowledges the young innovative business leaders. The Uncommon Schools will implement the Keith and Keely Mann scholarship. One graduating senior from high schools based in Brooklyn and managed by Uncommon Schools will benefit from the scholarship.

Keith Mann supports NYPD

In reaction to violence and protests surrounding the New York Police Department, Keith Mann and Keely Mann (his wife) showed their support by sending lunch to the officers to enhance moral instead of dwelling on the negativity surrounding the police force. Keith Mann said that the police officers deserve to be applauded for their good work. He believes that civilians can help the police to perform their duties efficiently.

Uncommon Schools receives over $22k from Keith Mann

Various professionals in the financial services industry attended a fundraising event held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden and raised more than $22,000. Dynamic Search Partners and Keith Mann organized the event. The money will be used to finance students who tested for the 2014-2015 academic year to attend college, graduate, and succeed in their careers. Dynamic Search Partners started working with the Uncommon Schools headquartered in New York back in 2013.

Class Dojo Connects Parents to Their Children’s Classroom in a Way That’s Never Been Done Before

Open communication is essential when creating a positive culture in classrooms and schools. In today’s world, parents expect communication from their childrens teachers more than ever. Class Dojo is a free app, launched in 2011 that provides a communication platform between teachers, parents, and students. Parents can see in almost real time what their children are doing in school and then discuss it at home, extending the learning experience past the school day. Best friends and co-founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don used their backgrounds in and out of the classroom as well as input from parents, teachers, and students to create the communication tool. Student behavior can be tracked and the teacher can either issue a reward or deduct points based on pre-determined behavioral goals. All of this takes place in a virtual classroom where cartoon monsters represent the kids. Reports about behavior as well as photos, videos, and messages can be shared with parents. Class Dojo is in use in 180 countries, including the United States, where 2 in 3 schools utilize it.
In an interview done for the Mercury News, Chaudhary explained his app and why he thinks educational technology can play a role in creating community between schools and home. Chaudhary stated that building a school culture is more than what takes place inside the classroom, it’s a three way street where parents, teachers, and students are working towards the same positive outcome. ClassDojo makes the communication aspect of all this much easier.
When it comes to students and technology tools, privacy is huge concern, and the founders of Class Dojo take this into account. Information inputted into the app by the user is never shared or passed on and it is theirs to modify or delete. The app is currently free, but Chaudhary has larger dreams for how Class Dojo can be part of a ground up change for educators. He wants to use the program as a way to let teachers, parents, and students make the connection between what they want to learn and how they can make it happen together, thus giving all parties a sense of connection and empowerment. In order to remain an ad-free environment there are may be some premium features that will come with a charge as the app continues to grow.


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