Fabletics Offers Big Deals on Active Wear For Users Switching From Amazon

Are you planning a getaway sometime in the near future? Are you looking forward to summer and need some new swimwear? Have you been looking at Amazon for new swimwear? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should check out what Fabletics has to offer. Right now, they are helping make it easier for more people to switch from Amazon to Fabletics. Up until now, Amazon controlled up to twenty percent of the customers shopping online. Because of this, many new customers have begun looking at competitors web stores. Fabletics knew that they needed something that others didn’t have and that’s when they came up with the membership idea. Here are some things you might not have heard about with their company.


Fabletics is more than just active sportwear


Currently Fabletics has a wide range of products aimed at helping people get into better shape. For them, they knew that women wanted to look sexy while still feeling comfortable in what they are wearing. For them, they created a new line of swim wear that keeps you comfortable when swimming but is also alluring enough to keep some thinking. The Aloni is just one option to look at when seeking new swimwear. If you want another choice, the Zainub is another option.




Its all about the accessories right? I mean who doesn’t need them when working out. Everyone does. Everyone wants something that is going to help them when working out. For this reason, there are a number of different accessories for you to choose from when looking for your new active wear. They carry things like ear buds, water bottles, yoga towels and even new bags to keep all your exercise wear in.


Purses or Totes?


So you need something big enough to carry your keys in and wallet and other items in right? What if you could find something that keeps everything organized but is big enough that you can keep your workout gear in it as well. If you want something like this, the totes made by Fabletics are perfect. They look like purses but are big enough to keep everything in instead of carrying a number of different bags. They are quite popular for those people who are working out.


Leggings, Crops and More


If you need to shop for new bottoms for working out, there are a number of choices here for you choose from. The crops are quite popular which is a slightly longer pant leg than your shorts but are slightly shorter than a Capri. If you want something that goes all the way to your ankles, the leggings are perfect. If you want something that is more slightly comfortable than a legging and lets you more a little more, the capris are perfect. If you want something shorter, shop around in the store for the crop pants. They are a big hit so buy them while you can.


Make sure to become a member of Fabletics to save yourself even more money when shopping for your new active wear.

The Career of Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt has had a varying career, from commercials to daytime television and more. Her first role that brought her into the spotlight was in a daytime series called Guiding Light. During the four years she was an actress on Guiding Light, she appeared in the movies The Derby Stallion and Sydney White, the second alongside Amanda Bynes. She also was helped Disney create a commercial, and worked with N-sync to do an anti-drug advertisement.

After leaving Guiding Light, she was cast into a role on the soap opera One Life to Live, where she stayed for three years. After her role on One Life to Live, IMDb writes that Hunt appeared in a suspense thriller Underground, 23 Blast with a first time director, and Magic Mike XXL. She loved her role in Magic Mike XXL. In many interviews, she spoke about how empowering the role she played was, as well as how tangible the camaraderie on set was between the female actresses. Hunt also co-produced a horror film, Talbot County, with her best friend.

This film is touted as a Hitchcock-ian horror film based on a true story. Originally announced on her Facebook page, Hunt’s most recent role was on a series called Queens of Drama. This series follows numerous former soap opera actresses as they attempt to write, produce, and create a new soap opera series, then get it pitched and put on the air. During this period, Hunt really showed her appreciation for fans by holding Queen’s Day Wednesdays on her official website.

She would post pictures of her either wearing a crown or with an edited fake crown, telling her fans to post royal pics an poses to show excitement for Queens of Drama. Unfortunately the series ended in 2015, but true fans of Crystal Hunt can’t wait to see what she appears in next.