Mark Baur Helping Entrepreneurs Through the Swiss Start Up Factory Forum

Mike Baur. He uses his vast experience in the Swiss banking industry to promote entrepreneurial talent. In his childhood, Baur always fantasized about working in the investment and banking industry. Today, he is making this dream come true, not only for himself, but also for other entrepreneurs who have big dreams and great talent.

The Start Up factory came into being in the year 2014. It is the leading private ICT accelerator company in Switzerland at this time. This platform involves a 3 months accelerator program. The Start Up factory is aimed at helping entrepreneurs in different industries achieve their goals. With the accelerator programs, Baur along with Max Meister and Oliver Wailzer, the founders, hope to change the norms and business models of various industries

The accelerator program comes in three parts. There is a pre-accelerator program. This platform targets individuals and groups who are passionate about entrepreneurship and have an idea, but do not have the resources to develop these ideas. During the pre-accelerator program, entrepreneurs are trained, coached and offered support in terms of accounting, marketing and IT.

After completing the pre-accelerator program, the successful entrepreneurs move to the accelerator step. Here, they are given a three month exposure to the market where they are accorded the same support as in the pre-accelerator step.

The Swiss start up factory is not only for entrepreneurs with ideas. It also help entrepreneurs who have already developed an idea but need help growing it. The Swiss Start Up factory helps them achieve growth by customizing accelerator programs for each of them.

Application and Recruitment

Entrepreneurs can apply for the accelerator program through the Swiss Start Up official website. Recruitment is conducted throughout the year, at various intervals. The applicants are put under a challenging test which is used to approve them for the program. Those who pass the recruitment stage gain a ticket into the three- month’s accelerator program.


Through partnerships, the Swiss Start Up Factory, is able to fully achieve their vision. They partner with Martin Hartweg. Hartweg supports them through selection to the evaluation process. They also partner with Fusion, a Fintech Accelerator based in Geneva. They collaborate to achieve success in every aspect of the accelerator program.

Police Officer Turned CEO Becomes Philanthropist


There is a company that in the United States that is quietly doing good for a very broad base of people, and animals. Talk Fusion, a video technology company, was founded in 2007 by CEO, Bob Reina. As the company has grown and become successful, Reina has made it a priority to give back to others. He donated a whopping $1 million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society plus funding an Indonesian orphanage, and that was just a warm up. Reina also feels passionate about helping charities get more exposure for their cause. He gave his associates free-reign to give the charity of their choosing a free account that includes marketing, plus other brand specific products.

Bob Reina is a man with a mission to solve a problem, communicating through visually rather than simply by phone or written word. He has worked tirelessly to improve the methods of video communication via phone, computer, and so on. His company, Talk Fusion, has associates in 140 countries and still growing. Reina studied at the University of South Florida, he also worked as a police officer before fully committing to his entrepreneurial dreams.

Reina has always had a passion for marketing and technology, during the beginning stages of his new career he began by working to develop different means of communicating messages. Since then, there has been a whirlwind of business growth. Bob Reina still is committed to giving back to charitable causes, maintaining close relationships with his family, and improving his Florida community.


Shaygan Kheradpir Takes the Helm at Coriant


Coriant, the optical and IP transport systems vendor recently named Shaygan Kheradpir, CEO and Chairman of the Board. He is taking the place held by Pat DiPietro, who will become an operating partner at Martin Equity Partners, Coriant’s parent company. Coriant was created in 2013, by the combination of Tellabs, Sycamore Networks, and Nokia. Kheradpir was a director of Martin Equity Partners, so in effect, the two are simply switching positions. Coriant is in a very competitive industry and Kheradpir will be pushing to increase the company’s share of the marketplace.

Shaygan offers the company over 28 years of executive experience in technology and telecom. He earned bachelor’s, masters and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from Cornell University. He holds several patents relating to media, payment systems, and telecommunications. Shaygan has served as a member of the advisory board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Kheradpir started his career at GTE Corporation. He moved to Verizon, as executive vice president and chief information officer. He was a part of the development team for Verizon’s FiOS FITH service, which had capital of over $20 billion invested in it. Next he moved to Barclay’s Bank where he served as Chief Operations and Technology Officer. At the time Barclay’s was becoming a major banking concern, and he played a major role in helping them accomplish this.

After Barclay’s Shaygan joined Juniper Networks as CEO. He helped them target several growth areas. In 2015, Shaygan became an operating partner for Marlin Equity. Now, as CEO, the company has over 500 customers from around the world. The company offers a host of network solutions to companies in more than 100 countries. The company has over $1 billion in revenues. Kheradpir will be facing major competitors like Cisco, Ciena, Infinera, and Alcatel-Lucent. With his vast experience and insight, he is expected to boost Coriant’s position among the leaders.



The First Positive Close of the Year

The first week of 2016 has ended with the stock market closing higher than at the beginning of the week. Among the factors that helped the stock market close in a higher position than at the beginning of the week is the recovery of the oil prices. Among the influences of the oil prices was the hopeful outlook when it comes to the chances of a stimulus in the oversea regions. This has definitely proven to be a good week with other factors being considered. Chris Gaffney has stated that the market all hinges on the oil. People were at least able to slow down the fall of oil and getting it to rise in prices.

Expert investors definitely see this as a good sign. According to Joe Sowin of Highland Capital Management, the week came as a result of short covering. Joe Sowin works for Highland Capital Management as the head of global equity trading. Highland Capital Management was founded by James Dondero. Jim himself is one of the most successful traders in his industry. He also shows people who work for him the ins and outs of successfully trading in the market. Jim Dondero has over 30 years of experience trading in the stock markets.

James Dondero currently lives in Dallas TX, where he oversees the investment strategies of his hedge fund for both institutional and retail products. He has not only worked in the industry, but he has been a huge influence in the industry with the pioneering of the Collateralized Loan Obligation. With James Dondero’s management, plenty of funds have been given quite a bit of recognition and accolades. One award that James Dondero was given is the 5 star Global Allocation award back in 2014. He was also given the award for being the highest rank Equity Fund for Healthcare.

For the opening week of the year, the stocks in the U.S. have closed in an average of 0.5 percent higher at the least. Among the best performers of the stock market is Nasdaq closing at 2.3% higher than when it opened for the week. Given the higher close for the week, overall the stocks in the U.S. were still a lot lower for the year. There are some who believe that this is in response to the possibility of another recession. Bernie Williams says that this is close to being an overreaction to the fear of recession. Follow James on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the stock market.

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How Does Coriant Benefit From Hiring Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is a networking conglomerate that owns mobile and landline networks around the world. Their company has profited for quite some time on networks, and each network has the capacity to support a new company that offers cell phone and tablet service to customers around the world. Owning the networks has been the business of Coriant, but they need help creating new mobile products. Coriant has hired Shaygan Kheradpir to manage their new project, and his experience at Verizon speaks to his ability to make a difference for Coriant.

#1: What Can Shaygan Do?

Shaygan has a doctorate in engineering from Cornell University, and he took his education to GTE Labs before it became Verizon. Shaygan was quickly put in charge of product development at Verizon, and he created a brand new program that put out new concepts every 30 days. His short turnaround time helped Verizon beat its competitors to the market, and he quickly became an executive vice president with the company.

#2: How Big Can Coriant Be?

Shaygan’s technical expertise gives Coriant the ability to create a line of products that will help their business grow. The new products offered by Coriant will compete with the largest cell phone providers in the world, and Coriant can create its own phones that are nothing like what the industry has seen in the past. Coriant will remain competitive while growing its customer base.

#3: Can Coriant Offer Great Service?

Coriant owns networks that will provide good service for customers, and the products that Shaygan helps create will bring the company that much closer to offering the perfect cell phone experience. Coriant will combine the best networks with the best new phones to attract customers who are dissatisfied with their current cell phone service, and the company will surprise the market by learning from the mistakes of others.

Shaygan is a brilliant businessman who has grown in the executive world after starting in technical development. Coriant is lucky to have Shaygan lead them into the future, and cell phone users must be on the look out for products and service from Coriant.

Russian Book Burning Targets George Soros Charity


Russian College Book Burning

As reported by a CNBC article, 53 books linked to a George Soros charity were burned by a college in northern Russia. In addition, college libraries in the northern republic of Komi were searched for manuals and textbooks related to a project by a George Soros charity. The 53 books related to the Renewal of Humanitarian Education program by the charity. Another 427 books were taken away for shredding according to a letter from the regional education ministry. The charity, called Open Society Foundations, funds projects for building democracy across the globe.

Tension Between George Soros and The Russian State

Prior to the burning incident, the Russian government grouped the George Soros charity along with other pro-democracy organizations that are accused of committing soft aggression. Russian news reports referenced an intergovernmental letter claiming that the charity was making ideological directives that go against Russian ideology.

George Soros Charities Banned

According to another CNBC article, Russia ended up banning the Open Society Foundations and Open Society Institute of George Soros in November 2015. Russia claimed these charities threatened state security and the Russian constitution, and the charities were placed on a list of foreign non-governmental organizations that are seen as engaging in undesirable activities by the Russian State. George Soros funded these charities in an effort to assist countries in their transition from communism, but the Russian State felt as though the charities threaten the foundations of the Russian Federation.

More On The Charities

Based on a page from the Open Society Foundations website, George Soros used his tremendous amount of success in the stock market to fund the Open Society charities. The charities have projects in more than 100 countries, and they operate on the principle of an open society in which the government respects the rights of individuals. The activities of these charities have resulted in numerous positive outcomes, including the creation of Central European University after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Open Society charities have funded school for thousands of students, including refugees from armed conflicts and young people from marginalized groups. George Soros also supports other independent organizations, including the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Coriant CEO Shaygan Kheradpir Looks To A Bright Future

The technology giant Coriant has been a major source of success over recent years within the networking industry, which is traditionally dominated by major corporations like Cisco. After finding success under the leadership of CEO Pat DiPietro, Coriant is now looking for a boost in profits and earning potential under the leadership of newly appointed CEO and chairman Shaygan Kheradpir. The appointment of Kheradpir has followed the return of DiPietro to the Marlin Equity Partners corporation, which is seen as a reward for the success he has guided Coriant towards.

The latest position Shaygan Kheradpir has taken up sees the many years of business experience he has created in more than 30 years as a technology executive. After leaving Cornell University the London born Kheradpir looked to change the way the wireless technology industry operated in creating new technologies. Kheradpir changed the culture of the research and development department of GTE Labs by breaking up the professionals in the department into smaller groups using 30 day deadlines to complete their specific projects for the future. This change in culture saw faster research results and lowered research costs for the company as a whole.

The skills of Shaygan Kheradpir as a research developer are undoubtedly a draw for the owners of Coriant who are hoping he can lead them to success in the coming era of 4G and 5 G technologies. Kheradpir has been an innovator for every company he has worked for, including the financial giant Barclays; during his career as a technology executive at Barclays the executive led the company to many advances, including the networking of locations around the world to allow access to company information around the clock.

Shaygan Kheradpir is looking to change the way the world of internet networking is completed, including allowing the development of new technologies to add to the thousands of patents held by the company. Kheradpir has already completed a thorough review of the work of Coriant in his role as an adviser to Marlin Equity Partners; the development of the company has led to Kheradpir arriving in a bid to maximize profits and produce more developments for this growing industry. Coriant has already made an impact in just a few short years since being spun out of the Seimens organization. Fierce Telecom reports clients span more than 100 countries, but also include nine of the top ten technology based companies in the U.S. to show just how quickly Coriant has grown into a major technology giant.

Coriant: A Next-Generation Technology Leader

Technology’s new giant Coriant is an independent company formed as a separate entity of Nokia Siemens Networks, the end result of a merger between Sycamore Networks and Tellabs. With corporate headquarters in both Munich. Germany and Naperville, Illinois, the company offers hardware and software products and services worldwide to include:

  • Software-defined networking with the Coriant Transcend SDN Solution
  • Intelligent network management through either the Transport Network Management System or the 8000 Intelligent Network Manager
  • Packet optical transport available in six (6) platforms (Coriant Groove G30 DCI, hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport, mTera Universal Transport, 7100 Packet Optical Transport, 7090 Packet Transport, and 7610 Service Edge)
  • MSPP (Multi-Service Provisioning Platform) in three (3) types (hiT 70xx, 6300 Managed/Transport, andSN9000 Multiservice Switch)
  • IP/MPLS routing through either the 8600 or the 8800 Smart Router Series
  • 8100 Ethernet First Mile
  • Cross-Connect/TDM in four (4) types (5000 Digital Cross-Connect, SN 1600 BB-DCS/Optical Switch, 8100 Managed Access, and DNX Cross-Connect)

Coriant leadership has moved into the new decade with next-generation technology thinkers like CEO Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir, a Cornell University graduate (Ph.D., Electrical Engineering), was born in London but grew up in Iran. Shortly after finishing college, he was employed by GTE Laboratories in 1987 and eventually became the company’s CIO.

After GTE merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications, Kheradpir served at president of the new e-commerce division from 2000 to 2010. Over the next few years, he served on the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology while employed as COO of Barclays and CEO of Juniper Networks. Afterwards, he was elected CEO and Chairman of the Board of Coriant shortly after its founding in 2013.

Coriant offers additional training and product support online through their Learning Connections portal or in person at any of the seven (7) worldwide training centers in the U.S., Germany, Finland, Mexico, Brazil, China, and Malaysia. Continuous technical assistance is available 24/7 via online, phone, or email, and company updates are on the company website and on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

The Life and Work Of Charitable Businessman Dick DeVos

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. has received an outpouring of donations from highly successful businessmen, charitable organizations and trusts, and from ordinary people. The center has far outreached its original goal of raising $125 million for an expansion project and additional programs. The great success and outpouring of donations and support has led to administrators of the John. F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts to raise its funding goal by another $50 million. Expanded classrooms, additional rehearsal spaces, cafes, office space and a complete makeover are expected to take place, and possibly more as more funding comes in. The Kennedy Center will also be linked to nearby greenway trails and parks in Washington D.C. This should help make the center more accessible and spur more visitors to come to the iconic center for the performing arts. Read more in the full article from BizJournals.

Among the major donors to the expansion project at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing arts is Dick Devos. The Grand Rapids, Michigan native has generously donated a sum of $1 million dollars towards the expansion and remodeling of the performing arts center. Devos is a great supporter and lover of the fine arts. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, he donates to organizations that help develop and promote the arts from the grassroots up in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. He and his wife Betsy sponsor a yearly art competition in his hometown. I think that is very generous and honorable to not forget about your own hometown and to be active in supporting a passion you have there.

Dick gained much of his business experience working alongside his father who created Amway while he still a child. When Amway was still a fledgling company, the company offices and meetings took place in the basement of the DeVos household. Dick grew up around the company and saw it grow firsthand. He was actively involved, even as a child in the development and operations of Amway. When he become old enough to take control of the company he climbed the corporate ladder and expanded Amway further and increased the products and industries that Amway was in. This lead to an increase in the family fortune and great wealth for Dick, allowing him to branch out and begin his business, the Windquest Group.

Dick’s great wealth and success with Amway and later after he left Amway did not mean he forgot about his love of the arts or support for charities. He remains committed to helping revitalize his hometown of Grand Rapids and supports charitable organizations for kids. The foundation Dick funds give millions to schools, children’s hospitals and after school programs to help children reach their full potential. I think we can all take something away from DeVos and that is that hard work pays off, and that no matter how much or how little wealth you have it is important to give back to the community.

Read more about Dick on his Wikipedia page:

Career Path of Kevin Seawright

Kevin Seawright, is a financial expert who has worked for both private and public sectors, and now serves as the Executive Vice President and CFO of Newark CEDC. He started his career in finance while working for the government in Baltimore, Maryland. After more than ten years in the financial industry holding various government positions, he decided to move to the private sector with a number of key awards he won during his tenure in the public sector. One year ago, Seawright was announced the CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark CEDC, where he was expected to bring his financial expertise to help boost the growth of Newark city.

In his acceptance of the new role, Kevin said he was honored to be part of the team which will bring change to the city of Newark and its residents. Under the leadership of Mayor of the city Ras Baraka, the vast area of Newark is funding small business entities with capital to start or expand their businesses. Kevin is devoted in helping urban towns to grow and transform the lives of residents by educating them on ways of facing challenges and creating solutions. His positive attitude and adaptation are the principle factors that have enabled him win several awards so far.

According to Kevin, his parents played a major role of introducing him to financial stewardship while he was still young. Worldclass Magazines shows that when he was 12 years old, Kevin worked for youth programs, which helped in changing lives of those living in the inner city of Philadelphia. Later, Kevin’s dedication inspired him to continue making changes in the lives of adults and kids in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and currently in Newark, New Jersey. Kevin feels that the contributions he has made to improve the lives of other people are as a result of what his parents taught him when he was still a child. In fact, Seawright considers his parents as his greatest role models.

Recently, Kevin was awarded a Certificate of Achievement by the University of Notre Dame for completing the Non-profit Focused Program, which is a continuation of his development projects in the education sector. He started this program after assuming his new role at Newark CEDC. Kevin has known the importance of serving and participating actively in programs that support communities and public education systems.

Kevin Seawright has always been involved with institutions that have potential and capability to empower and strengthen communities. In his views, he thinks it is necessary to contribute in a meaningful manner to a society because it is a sign of success. At Newark CEDC, he is happy to be providing small loans to entrepreneurs who are interested in funding their businesses, but other commercial banks are denying them funds.  Kevin can be found on Twitter if you’d like to continue following his career.