Eric Lefkofsky Helped Cancer Patients with Data

The point of Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus company is to give cancer patients the ability to get the treatment they deserve. Even though Eric Lefkofsky is not a medical doctor, he knows how important it is to provide the right type of treatment for people who have cancer. He wants to support doctors to help them realize they can do different things. It is what has allowed him to keep adding data and doing different things that will make things better for every doctor who is trying to treat cancer. Eric Lefkofsky knows what it will take to give them what they are looking for and what they can do to make things better. He uses Tempus to provide these solutions and collect data on cancer treatment. While Tempus has been able to perform well since they started, Eric Lefkofsky wanted to do more to make even more of an impact for all his customers.

Part of what he could do to help people was offering them the solutions that came along with treatment. The other thing he wanted to do was offer them the help of a company like Cancerlinq. The two companies worked together and formed a partnership they were going to use for 10 years. With this partnership, they’d be able to help each other realize there were different things they could do. They also knew the partnership would allow them to feel positive about how they were helping the patients who were using the treatment methods they gathered data on.

As both Tempus and Cancerlinq grow, they are doing what they can to make the business better. They want their patients to realize they can do more and they can do the best job possible. Part of the company has tried to make sure the patients are getting what they can and doing their best to provide people with the opportunities they need. It has given them the chance to help people with the different situations they are in and with the experiences they have tried to make better for everyone who works in the business on their own.

The Kind of Investor Every Society Needs- Roberto Santiago

The dream of every entrepreneur is to see his business flourish. This is the primary goal for most investors. Roberto Santiago’s goal was, however, different to other business people. He aimed to improve the welfare of his people. Santiago had observed that the residents had to travel to other locations to access the fun joints. This additional cost blocked many occupants from having their leisure time. The distance also demanded a lot of time. This became his project at a young age. He wanted to revive the entertainment sector of the area.

Roberto Santiago went to both Pio-X-Marist College and the University of Joao Pessoa. He studied Business Administration. This was essential for the project that he was going to undertake. It helps the investor to maximize the output of the products.

Roberto Santiago then secured a job in Café Rosa. This was a home décor company. Santiago gathered all the knowledge he needed here. Santiago must have a grasp of good investment skills because he began his Cartonnage Company. He manufactured cardboards using cartons. This grew to one of the prestigious home décor company in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago did not forget his mission. In 1987, he bought the land that he would build the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. He must have had a great strategy. This is because, after two years, the mall was complete.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has a lot of activities that people engage in for fun purposes. The mall has everyone covered despite their age. Their gaming facilities and playing stations for children. Their also beautiful views that people can enjoy as they enjoy a drink together. There also activities like food tasting that a family can enjoy together. The mall has numerous restaurants to ensure that everyone gets what they want. Their food range from traditional foods to all modern foods.

Then there is the Domus Hall. Here, the residents enjoy watching films in 3D. Those who have been here, say that the experience cannot be compared with any other experience. It is exciting and thrilling. They explain that you visit the scene and feel what the actor is experiencing. This is because of the great auditory range and a fantastic lighting system.

Apart from the entertainment sector, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has boosted the economic growth of the residents. This is because the good infrastructure and social amenities in the area have attracted other investors. They are, therefore, enjoying a variety of products in their shopping. The presence of substitutes has also led to improved quality of products and great prices.

Roberto Santiago achieved his dream of reviving the leisure life of the people. In the process, he also improved the economic sector of the area. His project has been nothing but fulfilling.


Mikhail Blagosklonny Committed to Finding the Cure to Cancer at Affordable Cost

Mikhail Blagosklonny currently serves as the professor of Oncology at Rosewell Park Cancer Institute which is located in Buffalo, New York. Over the years Blagosklonny has been conducting researches on cancer and some of its therapies. Blagosklonny besides being an academician is also the Editor in Chief of Oncotarget journal and has published a lot of research on the topic of aging. Blagosklonny has contributed a lot in finding better treatment methods for cancer at a relatively lower cost that everyone could afford. One of Blagosklonny major achievements is in the research on the healing properties of Rapamycin. Rapamycin is a drug that plays a very critical role when it comes to organ transplant. The drug which is also known as Sirolimus helps prevent organ rejection during an organ transplant.

Rapamycin besides is used in coronary stents coating and also in the treatment of a rare lung disease known as Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM). Of particular interest to Blagosklonny is Rapamycin ability to treating cancer.Rapamycin was first discovered in 1972 and was then used as an anti-fungal agent. On further testing, it was realized that the drug had some tremendous immunosuppressive and antiproliferative properties. These amazing properties of the drug made physicians abandon the use of the drug as an anti-fungal agent. Rapamycin has turned out to be one of the best drugs due to its immunosuppressant properties. These properties have made it possible for surgeons to carry out organ transplant without the fear of rejections. Prior to the discovery of Rapamycin in cases of organ rejection doctors used to prescribe anti-rejection drugs or calcineurin inhibitors. However, these drugs had some adverse effects on the kidney once used over a long period of time. This is where Rapamycin comes into play as the drug when used as an immunosuppressive drug during transplant has little to no effect towards the kidney.

Rapamycin due to its incredible healing properties is used in the treatment of diseases such as hemolytic-uremic syndrome, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), coronary stent coating, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), Facial angiofibromas and cancer.Mikhail Blagosklonny besides being a professor and an editor is also a philanthropist. Part of his philanthropic activities is in making sure that cancer patients around the world get the best type of treatment regardless of their social economic status. To achieve this goal Blagosklonny is conducting extensive research on cancer and aging and more specifically the relationship between the two as cancer tends to attack individuals who have reached a certain age. Blagosklonny has made a positive mark in the field of oncology and has been a source of inspiration to his peers and students who are aiming to advance research in oncology.Mikhail Blagosklonny published articles on different topics especially in regards to cancer and aging has earned him recognition in the medical field and on Mikhail Blagosklonny goal is not only in finding the cure for cancer disease but also finding a treatment method that is less painful and affordable as opposed to the current excruciating and expensive treatment method that only a few wealthy people can afford.

A Closer Look at Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is the co-founder and managing partner of Monkey Capital. Although the name sounds boyish at best, it’s by far one of the most successful companies of its kind.

Earlier this August, Mr. Daniel Mark Harrison had secured the domain name of for a whopping $500,000. An unnamed company in the United States had held the trademark since 1994 – talk about prudent on that mystery investor’s behalf. Mr. Harrison had provided $400,000 cash and $100,000 United States Dollars’ worth of COEVAL, Monkey Capital’s cryptocurrency. Despite the purchase price, Mr. Harrison said in a press release that “The price of $500,000 was in truth a bargain for what [it] will deliver us.”

Huffington Post had mentioned Monkey Capital and Mr. Daniel Mark Harrison no longer than a few months ago, titling the decentralized hedge fund as a “billion dollar baboon,” certain a compliment for Mr. Harrison and his innovative creation.

Despite being so young, Mr. Daniel Mark Harrison has put in a great deal of work throughout his already-bustling career. He started his career off at the University of Oxford with a bachelor’s degree in Theology. Harrison then enrolled at the BI Norwegian Business School to earn an MBA in just one year, even though the program was scheduled to require two years of instruction. Just one year after he topped his resume off with that MBA in 2006, he worked towards a master’s of journalism with a concentration in business in 2007.

Mr. Harrison founded Daniel Mark Harrison & Company in October of 2015, controlling his own assets and those of his closest family members. It’s currently operated out of Singapore, with additional branches in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

Daniel Mark Harrison is as much of a writer as he is a cryptocurrency and financial markets expert, having authored two full-length books, titled Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World and The Millennial Reincarnation. He wrote for and starred on several videos on TheStreet for three years before writing for The Motley Fool. He’s since worked for Marx Rand and CoinSpeaker, both as Editor-in-Chief.

Why UTC is Indebted to Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert is a Quebec native who has a production management degree. HEC Montreal, a famed business school that operates under the charter of the University of Montreal, is his alma mater. He commenced his career at General Motors where he worked for 14 years. Then, he joined Pratt & Whitney Canada and spent six years. In 1999, he landed a president post at the Pratt & Whitney. Chenevert joined United Technologies Corp (UTC) as the COO back in 2006.

After serving as the UTC CEO for eight years, Chenevert stepped down, and director Edward Kangas filled the vacancy. In 2015, Goldman Sacks elected him to act as the exclusive advisor in its Merchant Banking Unit. In this capacity, Chenevert studies profitable niches in the industrial and aerospace arenas and advises businesses accordingly.

His Stellar Record at UTC

Under Chenevert’s belt are impeccable accomplishments he attained as the head of the UTC, which is worth approximately $100 billion. He has outshined most of the corporate executives around the world by achieving what most of them would take nearly their entire careers to achieve in just one year. Immediately after joining UTC, his main area of focus was the buying of Goodrich. Following over years of intense negotiations with Goodrich’s leadership, they agreed to a purchase transaction of $18.4 billion.

Encouraging Technology Growth

Chenevert developed a culture of investing in people and modern technology during his time at UTC. Soon after assuming the management of the firm, he embarked on a personal mission of bringing the best out of UTC and its employees. His goal was to grow the business immensely and improve its reputation. He usually believed on the fact that investing in the appropriate technology will take the firm to greater heights, and investing in the best people will foster its growth even more. UTC illustrated its unrelenting commitment in its employee and nurturing their talent by unveiling the Employee Scholar Program by offering financial support to employees seeking to advance their education in their fields.

Betsy DeVos And What It Means To Help Others

There are a lot of people that say they want to help others. However, it is actually a lot trickier to help people than one would think. Often times, people think that helping someone means that he is going to have to just carry the person means to help for a while. However, a lot of times, it is enabling. Doing things for others is not necessarily going to help them. After all, one thing that would do is get them to depend on the person that is providing for them. Fortunately, there are efforts being made to get real help to people.

Among the people that are trying to bring people real assistance is Betsy DeVos. She is one of the people that are trying to get people back on their feet as opposed to just carrying them. Among the things she is doing is making tools and resources available for people that are down and out. Betsy is also working very hard to improve the quality of education for people that are in poor communities. One of the things she believes in is tackling issues from the root. Too many people are trying to take on the issue by handling all of the branches.

Betsy DeVos is very active in what she is doing when it comes to her community. She works with her husband Dick DeVos in order to bring about positive changes in different community. Among the things she does is interact and connect with people in different communities. She takes the time to listen to them in a non-judgmental way. Betsy DeVos is very positive in her approach that will make them want to make efforts to improve their lives.

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One of the best ways to help someone is to actually take the time to talk with them. Therefore, when people are heard, they feel a greater sense of validation. This also helps them move forward on what they can do to solve their issues. She is also at work in helping with the creation of opportunities for people in these poor communities. One thing Betsy believes is that no one should be left without a fair opportunity to improve their lives.

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Jose Manuel Gonzalez is Standing Up For The Fight Of His Life

If you have been following the conditions in Venezuela, things are pretty devastating. There is massive hunger throughout the country, and people are living in impoverished conditions. One man has stepped up and hopes to help the people of this area. To the people, Jose Manuel González is the answer they need.

Why Everything Is Wrong

The problems within this country come from two main sources, a drop in crude oil and an administration that is unethical. Because of this corrupt leadership, planes don’t want to enter into this country. González feels that he can bring help the country so desperately needs.

González has quite a name throughout Venezuela. He is a business man that is successful, and he has been involved in the agricultural aspects of their country for some time. An interview in the local paper, showed a mother waiting in line for two hours, just to buy milk for her children. This situation needs resolution now!

How To Fix A Massive Problem

The fix is actually an easy one. The people need to have a say in the Venezuelan Government. Things that are going on behind closed doors need to be brought to light. González knows that once things are exposed, the people will be in a state of shock. Things hit an all-time low when the local fast food chain ran out of French fries. It was a sad day when stories like this are at the top of their news broadcasts.

José Manuel González wants the people to know that these downtrodden times don’t have to define them. He wants the people to stand up for their rights. They can take over the government and elect an official. González thinks he is the perfect person to take over the governing roles. He wants to help the people of the land he loves.

His message is powerful, yet it is hard for some to embrace. Some are unwilling to change. To make a 180-degree turn will take hard work. It also means that some of the secrets must be exposed from the current administration. Nothing will stop González. He wants change, and he will ensure that his country doesn’t continue in its current state.

Why Marc Sparks Is A Reflection of Creativity and Dedication

Marc Sparks is a renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist from America, Dallas. He currently runs dozens of companies and he has authored several books that address the problems most startups face and how to work around them. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

His success can be seen in the businesses he has helped to establish, some operating globally. Marc Sparks has been in the world of entrepreneurship for over 34 years, something that has equipped him with vital knowledge and experience.

Despite the fact he did not pursue college education, his ideas have baffled many elites. Marc Sparks has been inviting professionals at forums to discuss topics that can bring about success in the business world.

He also supports philanthropy through the Sparky Kids Foundation, which has been giving new computers to kids from marginalized regions in a bid to help them access educational resources and break out of poverty.

Marc Sparks is a sociable character and he loves outdoor activities. His enthusiasm for activities that promote healthy living has seen him engage in hiking, golf, fishing and adventurous travel.

He loves competition, both in business and sports and has visited exotic places across the world. This, he says, allows him to have some good moments that also trigger his creativity and ability to craft new ideas.

Sparks is a self-made professional that enjoys numerous successful endeavours in capital investments, real estate and telecommunications. He has interacted with several companies in his career, maintaining, selling or purchasing them through profitable agreements.

Since 2000, he has been managing Timber Creek Capital, a private equity company that deals with entrepreneurial assistance. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

He also worked with GlobalTec Solutions between 2001 and 2005, which provides products analysis. Just recently, he launched the Uncle Marc Food Delivery (2015), a food delivery company that will serve restaurants across the country.

His relentless energy and enthusiasm has earned him accolades in business. He invests both time and money to The Samaritan Inn, a shelter for the homeless located in Texas. Marc Sparks also runs a mentoring program that has helped to nurture budding entrepreneurs.

Spark Tank

Spark Tank is an innovation platform that offers social service executives an opportunity to present their unique ideas. All the ideas that are presented should be directed at triggering social success and the one that wins will receive a reward of $5,000. This project is meant to impact lives and increase the support communities need to alleviate challenges.

All interested persons are requested to forward their applications online for review by the judges’ panel. The panel will then choose three finalists, who will be invited to present their ideas on a specified date. Note that faith-based initiatives that are inspired by non religious purposes are eligible for this program, but political action committees and organizations that are faith-based are ineligible.

Shaygan Kheradpir’s Fast-Paced Career

Coriant is an independent firm that was founded in 2013. It serves as an optical transport business. Coriant has just selected Shaygan Kheradpir to work as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Many people are rather familiar with Kheradpir. This is because his name was in the news everywhere back in 2014. He was a focus in the news due to his brief time at Juniper Networks, Inc. as the CEO. Kheradpir accepted his position with Coriant not long after leaving Juniper Networks, Inc. He didn’t even need a full year to find a new position. Kheradpir now has Pat DiPietro’s role. DiPietro is newly the vice chairman. DiPietro also is going to back to work for Marlin Equity Partners as an operating partner.

Shaygan Kheradpir has had significant preparation for his position at Coriant. He has been hard at work collaborating with the firm’s senior management executives. Coriant believes Kheradpir to be a notable technology and business guru. They appreciate his extensive experience, stating that he’s been involved in the financial services, technology and telecommunications fields for more than 28 years now.

Kheradpir is a renowned executive who is a significant force in the technology and business universes. He was born in December of 1960 in London, England. Although Kheradpir was born across the pond in the United Kingdom, he’s currently an American citizen. He was reared in the Middle Eastern nation of Iran as well. Kheradpir’s father worked as a physician who specialized in ear, nose and throat matters. The younger Kheradpir relocated to the United States once it became time for him to pursue a higher education. He went to Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Cornell is a widely known Ivy League school that was founded in 1865. Kheradpir received numerous degrees while at Cornell. He doesn’t just have an electrical engineering bachelor’s degree. That’s because he finished his master’s and doctoral educations in the subject.

Kheradpir began working in 1987. He secured a position with GTE Laboratories. When he worked at GTE Laboratories, he was in charge of control, management and network routing. He worked diligently at the company and after some time was named GTE Corporation’s CIO (Chief Information Officer). The Wall Street Journal praised Kheradpir’s work ethic at the time. The noted publication said that people loved the fact that Kheradpir was able to release brand new offerings on a timeline that was both dependable and efficient.

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Talk Fusion Founder Bob Reina Does It Again


Some people say that talk is cheap and Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina agrees. Since new technology is forcing business people to use video more and more in their emails and online marketing efforts, Talk Fusion figured they might as well make it cost effective for the user. Small business and even fortune five hundred companies are using video to offer better service to their customers and even to help bring in new business. The problem is two fold for most companies. First, the process of using video has not been easy to use. In the past you had to learn to use the technology to convert the video into an easy to use format that could be used in email or on your website. Often this was not even a real option. Second, if it could be done, it cost the person doing it big bucks. Talk Fusion and Bob Reina changed that once and for all.

For anyone who does not know, Talk Fusion is a video communications business. They make products that are used for video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking. One of the best parts about the whole process is that it is super easy to use. When a person or company wants to send a video email message, they record the message on a web cam or flip cam or any other camera. Next they open up the Talk Fusion portal and upload the video. Next it is simply a matter of making the message your own and using a template to send it out to your clients, prospects and friends.One thing that people love about using Talk Fusion is that it is cost effective and easy to use. People love the fact that they have everything under on roof with this service.

Bob Reina created this company when he tried to send a quick video to a friend using email He couldn’t figure out how to do it and contacted AOL. They told him that is could not be done. That answer was not good enough for Bob. He and a friend of his created the programs to send the video via email and today that same idea is behind the creation of Talk Fusion. Bob has kept the cost down for the users and even offered a trial service so that business people can try the service. Bob Reina knows that he has a great product and service that people will love.