There’s Still Time to Support the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society CrowdRise Campaign

Jon Urbana recently started a fundraiser at Funds raised by the charity will benefit the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society (ARAS) of Denver, Colorado. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society is a no-kill cat shelter. Its mission is to provide local area orphaned cat with safe shelter while they wait to be placed in a new and caring home. The Animal Rescue and Adoption Society finds homes for every single cat that enters their shelter and stops cats from being euthanized. All proceeds of the fundraiser go solely to the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. Jon Urbana has been an animal lover for years and dedicates himself to giving back to charity. Donors are encouraged to donate whatever they can to help these animals be cared for so that they are adopted into a caring, kind and loving home. If they don’t have the funds at the moment, they can also share his videos to their social accounts.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

The man behind this all is Jon Urbana, a former professional lacrosse athlete and an Entrepreneur. Most notable of his achievements is the success of Next Level Lacrosse Camp. The camp is held every year in Denver, Colorado. NLLC caters to the player’s style, interest and skill level and are coached by professional players from his college team and major league teams.

Jon Urbana’s immense knowledge of Twitter helps him teach and encourage young players online to get to the level that he was at their age. Jon hopes that the kids of all ages and skill that attend his camps will watch his videos, and have a positive and rewarding experience and want to attend each year. The lacrosse camp is known as one of the best places to learn the sport in Colorado.

Jon Urbana is also involved in music production, several other charitable trusts, and community uplifting projects. He was recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration and added to the FAA Airmen’s Certification Database. He is also an avid photographer and is a bona fide Instagram star. He has helped numerous charities and companies build their brand.

Supporting this campaign will make it a thousand times easier to help homeless cats in the area and provide them future homes. Visit Crowdrise and assist Jon Urbana in his campaign.