The Benefits and Uses of Shea Butter on the Skin


For centuries people, have been using shea butter for beauty. It has been believed that the history of shea butter for cosmetic uses can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt. Cleopatra was believed to have used shea butter. Shea butter is taken from the African shea tree.


Today you can find shea butter in a variety of cosmetics. It is typically used as a moisturizer for skin but is also great for hair. Shea butter has many valuable uses. It can protect hair from sun-damage. Shea butter has antioxidants which promotes the flow of blood. Because of this shea butter promotes hair growth. Shea butter has vitamin e which makes it an excellent moisturizer. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory qualities that help fight against bacteria.


Although shea butter can be found in an assortment of forms, it is best in pure form. It is best to purchase unrefined organic shea butter, like those from reputable companies like Eugenia Shea. Making your own shea butter mixture is easy. Mix equal parts of shea butter and coconut oil. Then heat until the mixture is liquid. For every two teaspoons of shea butter and coconut oil add one teaspoon of honey. There are various uses for this mixture on your hair.


Styling tools such as blow dryers and flat irons can damage your hair. You can use shea butter as a heat protectant. People with naturally curly hair know how difficult it can be to tame frizz. Styling products can dry out naturally curly hair or make it stiff. Shea butter is a great supplement for styling products. Shea butter helps your hair rather than doing damage too it. You can do a simple moisturizing treatment on your hair with the shea butter mixture. You can warm the oil and allow it to sit on your hair for 15-20 minutes. You will love the results you get from this simple all natural mixture. You will love your silky beautiful locks.

WEN By Chaz Puts Fabulous Oomph Back Into Beauty Writer’s Hair

Emily McClure is honest about her imperfections; she has fine, limp, frizzy hair. As a beauty blogger, she is surrounded by tons of products, especially hair choices.
She dreamed of big, shiny hair with movement, the kind she had seen on those fab TV infomercials by WEN. So, Emily decided to sample the no lather shampoo system and see if she could develop celebrity hair. Emily embarked on a 7-day hair journey with WEN by Chaz and posted her findings to

WEN by Chaz is the amazing and original no lather shampoo system made from pure and natural plant-based formulas. LA stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean, invented the brand to repair hair from the nasty chemicals present in all those other shampoos and conditioners. His no-poo method does not contain sulfates, giving the user a unique experience and healthy, shiny tresses.

His luxurious formulas contain lovely pomegranate, fig, lavender, mint and other natural essences and smell heavenly. These ingredients bathe strands, adding radiance and strength to hair of all types in any condition. Once you try Wen by Chaz, you will understand why celebrities can’t live without it. Wen products are Sephora available and can also be ordered online from

Emily chose FIG with extra moisture and body and really liked how her strands swelled in volume, and the texture became smooth. Suddenly, her fine, limp locks had movement and oomph. When she blow-dried and styled her medium length locks, she looked like a star. Her hair selfies are the ultimate proof, and her close friends were blown away.

Emily advises allowing hair to adapt to a new no lather routine and to cleanse with WEN every morning for best results.

As long as you always put time and pampering into your hair, you will reap amazing WEN hair results. Always take time to blow-dry and style your mane. Visit the website: