Class Dojo Finalist for Class Story and Student Story

ClassDojo has earned a finalist spot in the Fast Company’s 2016 Innovative by Design Awards. This innovative ed tech start up app has been nominated because of its cutting edge solution to today’s business problems. Even though, the problem that is being solved is in the classroom.

ClassDojo was selected from over 1700 submissions spanning 41 countries, which is a five year record for the award. The feature Class Dojo was being recognized for was Class Story and Student Story. These two features allow students and teachers to share precious moments from the classroom with parents. The updates are immediate and can be seen from any device. This features allows parents to stay connect in the classroom.

The features have given a team like vibe to the classroom now, allowing parents to feel like they are part of the experience. They can see the moments they have missed. Teachers who are bogged down with paperwork can easily share the good moments. Students can take control of their learning and choose what they share. The point of the feature was to make the communication connection as effortlessly as possible.

Class Dojo is a communication platform that allows teachers, students, and parents to communication about grades, behavior, and academics easily. The parents have a connection to the classroom like never before and that gives them empowerment in their children’s education.

The makers of Class Dojo wanted to make a ground up change, easing the burden of communication with hundreds of parents. Teachers want to speak to so many parents about good moments, but it can be overwhelming. Class Dojo has made that easy for them and allows them to create a community in the classroom. They wanted a positive culture within the classroom.

The app is free to download and accessible from any device. Teachers easily sign their students up for the app, and they can print the premade template letters off. These letters go home to parents to allow them to gain access to the virtual classroom. The app has grown in popularity to where it is being used in 2 of 3 classes.

Skout App Now Available In The Polish Language

There is good news for Skout users in Poland. The social media app has announced last week that the application is now available in the Polish language. The release of Skout in the Polish language comes after years of rapid growth in the number of users of Skout in Poland. In just two years the number of communications between users of Skout in Poland grew by almost 50%. This is fueled in large part due to a larger amount of people now using social media apps like Skout to connect with friends and family.

Christian Wiklund, who is one of the co-founders of Skout and is the company’s current CEO says he is happy to announce the availability of Skout and all its features in the Polish language. Our company is always looking for ways to improve the experience of our users says Skout says Wiklund. The launch of Skout in Polish on the 20th of June will make our app much more accessible and easier to use for the Polish Skout community continued Skout CEO Wiklund.

Skout is a free to use and free to download social media application. You can find it at the app store through Apple or Google play. Skout is compatible with both iOS devices such as the Ipad and OS Android devices. While getting the app costs nothing and it is free to use and explore, there are many special features that can help you connect with others that must be paid for. However, even if you do not buy any special features or extras you can still connect with and meet new people through Skout.

The app was launched in 2007 and the company is based out of San Francisco, California. It is funded by venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz which is also from California. Skout has a global user base. You will find people from over 180 countries around the globe that use Skout on a daily basis. The app, including the newly launched Polish version is now available in 22 different languages.

The focus of Skout is on meeting people who are in your area that share the same interests. An interesting use of Skout by users is the taking of virtual trips around the world. This is when Skout users essentially show other Skouters their hometown or country through their lens. It is done by uploading photos or videos sometimes live ones through Skout so the other recipient can travel through their hometown or country in a virtual way.

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