Chris Burch Is More Then Just Ordinary

Take a well deserved vacation get away, and travel to the Indonesian island of what was previously known as Sumba. As you approach the island, you will be in awe with the beautiful resort community that is now known as Nihiwatu. This place is miraculously filled with wonder, and amazement. It sits on the ocean, so the view is fantastic. It has twenty villas, each with its own plunge pool. This marvelous vision belong to Chris Burch, and his partner James McBride. They bought the island, and $30 million dollars in renovations later, it is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world.   For more of this, check on

Chris Burch started this venture as a gift for his children, and it has turned into a fantasy land that could only be imagined in someone’s mind. Chris had that vision, and the result of it is the most luxurious resort on an international span. Chris splits his time between his home in The Hamptons, Miami, and Raja Mendaka, which is the name of the main house on the island. Related article on  Chris is well known as a fashion mogul who started his career when he was an under graduate at Itchica College. He and a partner started a company called Eagle Eye which was a fashion business. This company earned over $160 million dollars before they sold it.  Check

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He is probably better known for his apparel brand, Tory Burch. Currently, he is at the helm of his financial entity, Burch Creative Capital where he boosts brands for many others in the industry. He has partnered to make ED by Ellen Degeneres a popular brand. He is dedicated to producing and creating brands, and they are all favored by him, especially his newest hostel in Indonesia, Nihiwatu. He is genuinely devoted to his five star resort that he has built on the Indonesian Island.

Nihiwatu is giving back to the community in which it thrives. It employees the largest number of workers on the island. A portion of the profit from the hotel foes to the Sumba Foundation which is an organization that helps people in the community. Chris’s home on the island, Raja Mendaka, is made available to guests when not in use. It has four other villas around it. Chris is a firm believer that paying close attention to details can mean the difference between succeeding and failing. Hit on to read about his new and follow on investment.

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Brazilian law Mogul

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