The Fabletics CEO and Amazon CEO Face-Off

There is a lot of talk about the Fabletics brand and the way that Kate Hudson has changed the way that women see athletic gear. She has done some amazing things in a short amount of time, and it appears that Kate Hudson is just getting started. She has shown that she is dedicated to bringing forth a company that has a diverse line of athleisure wear that is comfortable and durable. What she may not have counted on is the amount of competition that came from Amazon, but she is still ready to handle this adversary. This is already preparing to launch some physical stores to get to customers that a cyber store like Amazon cannot reach.


A large part of the reason that she may have never considered the competition with Amazon is because this is an online store that sells everything. There are many people that buy electronics on Amazon that are not even aware that this company is selling clothes. In reality, however, Amazon is selling just about everything. Jeff Bezos is a very competitive person and he has made his way to the top by being a hard-nosed CEO that will tear into any executive that is not making Amazon profitable. Jeff and Kate have completely different personalities when it comes to business decisions, and this will be the interesting part of the competition between them.


Most people that have checked out any of the Fabletics commercials will see Kate Hudson has the same warm comical personality that is seen in the movies that she stars in. Jeff Bezos, by contrast, is someone that is rarely seen by the public in relation to his Amazon website. He is disconnected from customers. It is also evident that Kate is putting her personal spin on what she likes in terms of workout clothes. She gives her own personal recommendations. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, on the other hand, is not really present through his cyber store. Instead, he relies heavily on the reviews of consumers that have tried products. They write customer reviews about the things that they have tried and this can encourage other customers to try the same products. That is where their style of luring customers differs.


It is totally understandable that some of the customers will head in the direction that Kate is going with Fabletics because they like her hands-on approach. There are others that are going to be more interested in what Amazon may offer and they may be less concerned about the opinions of the CEO of the company. Ultimately, however, there is a level of consumer appeal that extends to social media. This type of expansion leads to a greater number of customers that are embracing Fabletics. There are other companies like Amazon that are big not really popular through social media circuits. Fabletics, however, has been embraced by other celebrities and there is a lot of Buzz about this product line on social media websites like Twitter and Instagram.