Wen By Chaz: Hollywood haircare

WEN is a haircare company founded by Chaz Dean. After working and later owning in a high-end hair salon is Bel Air, Chaz Dean started his own salon, called The Chaz Dean Studio, (see, http://chazdean.com/). This studio was meant to provide celebrities with a more intimate experience, and an escape from the paparazzi. The company soon grew, and is now known all over the world. Wen By Chaz is most famous for its non-lather shampoo, that has no harsh chemicals that are bad for the hair.

Some products contain chemicals and paragons that are bad for the hair. It is highly recommended to use a natural product, or a product, such as the WEN cleansing conditioner. To use shampoo, the person should place a quarter size amount in their hand. Many people use much more shampoo than is needed, which causes it to run out faster, and can leave residue in the hair. Using a quarter size amount gives enough product, but leaves no extra residue. After putting the shampoo in their hand, the person should rub it on their head, focusing on the scalp, and any oily sections that may be present at the time. After gently scrubbing for 20-45 seconds, the person should rinse their hair thoroughly. Leaving any extra shampoo will leave residue in the hair, which will make the scalp greasy. For some, after using shampoo, a conditioner will be good to detangle and soften the hair. If shampoo and conditioner leave too much residue, it is recommended to try a no-lather product, like the WEN cleansing conditioner. Its no-lather properties will not leave residue, or cause greasiness. It is also a combined shampoo and conditioner, which eliminates a step in the shower. For more info, visit the Wen website  or the official Facebook page.