Keith Mann: Thoughtful Of Others

When it comes to kids that want to go to college, Keith Mann has a soft spot for them, especially the ones that are struggling to go to college because of money. Keith Mann has hammered home and for good reason, the importance of making things fair for these kids. Life is not always fair, but when it comes to kids and education, all they want is that chance. A chance can impact not only their lives, but the lives of their families as well. That is not something that is wasted on someone like Keith Mann. He is very smart and very aware of this.


That is why he took it upon himself to hold a fundraiser for the Uncommon School Districts and it raised over twenty-two thousand dollars. Now, that is how you get things done, and Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners has always been one to get things done. He has a very strong conviction and will fight for what is right and what is fair. People don’t understand the type of impact this can have on these children and their future, as mentioned. They could go from being on the streets and hanging out with the wrong crowd to being in the classroom.


These are great kids with a passion for education. They want to learn and they love to go to school. They are grateful for their parents and family members and all they have done to ensure they can have a roof over their heads and food on the table. They work sometimes double shifts and have two jobs. They are not forgotten or ignored by Keith Mann. Keith Mann knows all of this has built some strong character in these kids. That is going to serve them well in the future, as they will have learned from these hardships and become better people for it.


With Keith Mann supporting them and doing all that he can for them, they have that chance they have been wanting and yearning for, and that is wonderful of Keith Mann to go out there and do this.