Jose Manuel Gonzalez is Standing Up For The Fight Of His Life

If you have been following the conditions in Venezuela, things are pretty devastating. There is massive hunger throughout the country, and people are living in impoverished conditions. One man has stepped up and hopes to help the people of this area. To the people, Jose Manuel González is the answer they need.

Why Everything Is Wrong

The problems within this country come from two main sources, a drop in crude oil and an administration that is unethical. Because of this corrupt leadership, planes don’t want to enter into this country. González feels that he can bring help the country so desperately needs.

González has quite a name throughout Venezuela. He is a business man that is successful, and he has been involved in the agricultural aspects of their country for some time. An interview in the local paper, showed a mother waiting in line for two hours, just to buy milk for her children. This situation needs resolution now!

How To Fix A Massive Problem

The fix is actually an easy one. The people need to have a say in the Venezuelan Government. Things that are going on behind closed doors need to be brought to light. González knows that once things are exposed, the people will be in a state of shock. Things hit an all-time low when the local fast food chain ran out of French fries. It was a sad day when stories like this are at the top of their news broadcasts.

José Manuel González wants the people to know that these downtrodden times don’t have to define them. He wants the people to stand up for their rights. They can take over the government and elect an official. González thinks he is the perfect person to take over the governing roles. He wants to help the people of the land he loves.

His message is powerful, yet it is hard for some to embrace. Some are unwilling to change. To make a 180-degree turn will take hard work. It also means that some of the secrets must be exposed from the current administration. Nothing will stop González. He wants change, and he will ensure that his country doesn’t continue in its current state.