Madison Street Capital Honored at M&A Advisors

In a recent article on, Madison Street Capital was announced as a finalist for the the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. These awards are highly respected as the top awards in the financial industry field. They recognize achievements in dealing making, restructuring and refinancing, and achievements of firms and professionals. MSC has been awarded in two categories: Boutique Investing Firm of the Year and Industrials and Internationals Deal of the Year. The Industrials and Internationals Deal was for their role in the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco.

MSC is honored to be nominated in both categories. Their employees work constantly across multiple time zones to connect clients and work these deals. The deal with Acuna and Asociados was a complex, cross border deal that had lots of different details. They feel very honored to be recognized for that. The winners will be announced in November at the M&A Advisor Awards Gala held at the New York Athletic Club.

Madison Street Capital is an international investing firm that is committed to integrity, excellence, and service in the corporate financial field. They provide services to public and privately held businesses. They want businesses to thrive in the global marketplace. MSC takes every new project seriously making their clients objectives and goals their own. MSC has earned the trust of their clients around the world. They offer services that respond to the timely need in the fast paced global marketplace.

They offer corporate advisory services, business valuation, financial reporting, and tax planning among many of their services. With offices in North American, Asia, and Africa, they have a global reach and are able to connect clients in a timely way. They are being honored for their excellence by the M&A Advisor Awards. MSC continues to work towards excellence in the financial industry on a global and local scale.

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Geoffrey Cone Discusses Implications of Recent Tax Transparency Laws

Geoffrey Cone, an affluent legal partner of New Zealand based law firm, Cone Marshall, has recently discussed the implications of recent tax transparency laws in his latest publication in the New Zealand Law Journal. The celebrated tax attorney had much insight to give regarding the status of tax transparency in New Zealand and the ways legal professionals can navigate the waters of the new wave of laws. Geoffrey Cone made several important arguments in his article, which was centered around the fact that New Zealand has faced undue and harsh criticism of taxation laws. The article also discussed the way that proposed new taxation measures would impact the New Zealand economic system and ultimately harm the average tax payer.

Because of Geoffrey Cone’s vast knowledge of the New Zealand taxation system, the attorney has often been asked for advice about responses to the new taxation measures that are being proposed by foreign legislators. Cone addressed this issue in his New Zealand Law Journal article by stating that the criticism of New Zealand’s foreign trust system has been greatly simplified and largely undue. Cone stated the fact that New Zealand is not now, nor has it ever been, a tax haven. The attorney believes that the accusations are unfounded and have been disproved. Furthermore, the development of additional tax transparency laws is expected to cause hardship for the owners of domestic trusts in addition to the targeted foreign trust holders.

Cone argued that those who propose the development of new taxation measures are merely seeking to eliminate a problem that doesn’t exist. The attorney stated the fact that foreign trusts are established at a much more prominent rate in countries that are truly classified as tax havens. Cone believes that these proposed new measures will influence a negative disruption in New Zealand’s current economic system by introducing new rates of return on financial investments. The Cone Marshall legal partner also discussed the negative effects of new taxation measures on the the international economic association in New Zealand.

Cone stated that his most prevalent concern regarding the introduction of unwarranted taxation measures was the impact these measures would have on the average tax payer in New Zealand. Cone expressed his dismay that measures that were supposedly developed as a way to target the foreign trust industry in New Zealand would also impose standards on tax payers who earned less than 100,000 dollars in a fiscal year. According to Cone, these proposed measures will not only fail at their intended purpose, but they will have a draining effect on the average New Zealand citizen.

According to his latest published work, Geoffrey Cone is in opposition to the proposed measures to end a lack of transparency in taxation laws in New Zealand. The attorney states these measures are an unwarranted attempt by foreign governments to dictate the taxation standards in New Zealand. Cone has been actively working with investors and the owners of trusts to prepare them for any changes that may affect the standing of previously opened accounts. In the meantime, the attorney is continuing his effort to oppose additional taxation measures.


Hope for Borrowers In Need of Quick Capital- Equities First Holdings

Equities first Holdings has been experiencing tremendous growth as well as popularity among borrowers. Equities First Holdings have been a leader in the financial lending sector taking the responsibility of providing substitute shareholder financing resolution. The firm has been seeing traction in margin loans and stock-based loans, a section which banks and other financial investors have strict lending laws. A borrower who need quick capital and may not qualify for conventional credit based loans; Equities First Lending solves their problem.

Recently the banks have been cutting their lending options for borrowers while tightening credit qualifications rules at the same time increasing the interest rates. The founder and CEO of EFL AL Christy Jr. see the benefit of using stock as collateral as a modern borrowing alternative for those seeking working capital. Christy argues that the stock-based loan is high in value to the ratio of margin loan and provides a fixed interest rate and this offers confidence throughout the transactions life. In the case of a margin loan the borrower must be qualified as with the conventional bank loan, and the borrowed money must be used for a particular purpose. The interest rates on the margin loans are variable, and the borrower can expect the loan-to-value ratio between 10 to 50 percent, on the other hand, the investment bank can liquidate the borrower’s collateral without any notice in case of a margin call.

Equities First Holdings LLC is a financial investing institution that is responsible for providing security based lending services for individual and corporate investors. In relations with bonds, stocks and treasures it offers loans based on evaluation and future routine. EFH was founded in 2002, and it has offices in Indianapolis by the founder who is also the CEO AL Christy Jr.

Since its inception, EFH has experienced a first growth rate, which is estimated to 30 percent yearly. It has expanded and has other offices in Hong Kong, Sydney, Bangkok, Singapore, and Perth. Recently the CEO Mr. Christy announced that the company had acquired Meridian Equity Partners Limited in the United Kingdom. Christy said that the accusation is a transformation for EFH and it brings brand and services to a whole new level, with more clients to serve in Asia, U.S, Europe, and Australia. Equities First Holdings has a dedicated team that is responsible for providing the best class customer service and giving outstanding liquidity opening. for contact with equities first.

Atlantic City Development Corp new funding project

In the beginning of 2016, Middlesex county Improvement Authority missed paying $1 million in interest. That interest was acquired from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. During the duration of the contract about $7 million of missed payments where added to the tab.

The loan obtained in 2005 was used to cover the construction costs to help build a new hotel for New Brunswick Development Corp. Stephen Sweeney was also a part of the team raising funds for the new construction site. Atlantic City Development Corp. is expected to have similar designs and see more than $200 million in funds. About $20 million of those funds are CRDA money.

Both corporations have been working under Chris Paladino. He arranged all the terms for the loan. The CRDA is expected to be fully paid back in the coming years. The 235-room Heldrich that is getting remodeled as struggled to bring in paying customers. The site was not refreshing. The largest group that was occupying the site was Johnson & Johnson.

The hotel was struggling so bad with keeping up with the space that $776,000 had to be brought in by Johnson & Johnson as well as some other companies to help pay for furniture and carpets.

The total cost of the project to build The Heldrich was $107 million. Seventy million of those dollars part of a municipal bond. Anyone that was involved with the $30 million in senior bonds has gotten their money back. The Atlantic County Improvement Authority has been dealing out $120 million in bonds to help pay for the Gateway project.

The funds will help build Stockton University and all the technology that comes will it. Any revenue earned from dorms will pay back the company.

Devco is a company that is working with technology to develop plant solutions in the oil industry. They have a lot of experience with sulfur technology and gas processing sectors. Devco offers many tools to help find solutions within the oil industry. For example they offer Cryogenic Gas Separation, Amine Treating, and Stabilizer Liquids Units. The headquarters is in Tulsa, OK.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is Standing Up For The Fight Of His Life

If you have been following the conditions in Venezuela, things are pretty devastating. There is massive hunger throughout the country, and people are living in impoverished conditions. One man has stepped up and hopes to help the people of this area. To the people, Jose Manuel González is the answer they need.

Why Everything Is Wrong

The problems within this country come from two main sources, a drop in crude oil and an administration that is unethical. Because of this corrupt leadership, planes don’t want to enter into this country. González feels that he can bring help the country so desperately needs.

González has quite a name throughout Venezuela. He is a business man that is successful, and he has been involved in the agricultural aspects of their country for some time. An interview in the local paper, showed a mother waiting in line for two hours, just to buy milk for her children. This situation needs resolution now!

How To Fix A Massive Problem

The fix is actually an easy one. The people need to have a say in the Venezuelan Government. Things that are going on behind closed doors need to be brought to light. González knows that once things are exposed, the people will be in a state of shock. Things hit an all-time low when the local fast food chain ran out of French fries. It was a sad day when stories like this are at the top of their news broadcasts.

José Manuel González wants the people to know that these downtrodden times don’t have to define them. He wants the people to stand up for their rights. They can take over the government and elect an official. González thinks he is the perfect person to take over the governing roles. He wants to help the people of the land he loves.

His message is powerful, yet it is hard for some to embrace. Some are unwilling to change. To make a 180-degree turn will take hard work. It also means that some of the secrets must be exposed from the current administration. Nothing will stop González. He wants change, and he will ensure that his country doesn’t continue in its current state.

Why Use Smart Lighting

You may have heard that LED lights are a superior form of lighting. However, the truth is that smart lighting is even better.

What is smart lighting? Smart lighting is called smart because the lights turn on automatically, according to a specific set of conditions. This means that the lights will turn on only in certain situations. These lights can also sense when someone or something is in the room or not.

Of course, you can certainly turn on these lights manually as well. However, the point is that you do not need to, and it will automatically turn on as needed.

One of the benefits of smart lighting is the conservation of energy it enables. With smart lighting, lights will turn off by themselves as needed, thus eliminating those instances when lights are accidentally left on and waste energy.

The smart lighting industry is expected to grow tremendously over the next years, and more and more people will be using them.

One of the leaders in producing smart lighting solutions is Gooee. Gooee has developed lighting systems that have sensors. These sensors are able to detect when someone is in the room, what the temperature of the room is, light levels, motion, and more. It then produces light according to the needs of the room. It can monitor light levels and color temperature and light output, among other metrics.

If you are interested in automating your home, getting smart lighting is a great way to start. If you use Gooee, you know that you will be safe.


Everything that Banking Customers Need

I know that there are a lot of people that are switching between various banks because they want to have a single bank that offers it all. I think that Nexbank may be the best solution for customers like this. It is a financial institution that offers many things. There are checking and savings accounts. There are also certificates of deposit available for people that have interest in these types of things. There is even commercial banking that is great for the person that may have a small business.

I have used Nexbank for years, and I have next had a problem from this Dallas-based financial institution. Some people do not like smaller banks, but I prefer these types of banks. I always know that I can get a better interest rate on my money when I have a smaller bank. That certainly is the case with Nexbank. I have found myself getting a much better rate on the interest with Nexbank than what I have received with other banks in the past.

I believe a lot this has to do with the minimum amount that is required to avoid the fees. The fact that $2,000 is required in order avoid the monthly fees helps me discipline myself to save at least this much. Keeping this amount in the bank allows me to earn better interest rates with Nexbank.

As a native of Dallas I have been glad to secure a banking relationship with a financial institution that is part of my own community. I feel like these employees at this bank will go out of their way to help you with any banking issues or needs you may have. I use the online banking the most, but I visit a local branch sometimes and the service is always good.

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