Jose Manuel Gonzalez Becomes A Great Asset For The International Advisory Board

Jose Manuel Gonzalez strengthens the integrity in the financial market by being a strong advocate on the International Advisory Board as reported by a recent online article from Esade. In an uncertain economic financial market people are least likely to invest says Jose Manuel Gonzalez. He works very hard in his current position as Regional Director of Bimbo to restore the trust of investors. He was recently a keynote speaker in Latin America advocating for globally financial transparency and consistency. Gonzalez earned his degree from the University of PanAmerican in New Mexico. Jose Manuel Gonzalez says his degree has contributed to his ability to bride professional relationships.

He has expertise in research, studies, risk management, statistics, information systems, and banknotes. He has also been a lecturer at IESE Business School since 2012 speaking out on globally financial uncertainty and shaping future business leaders of tomorrow. He proudly serves as an appointed member of the International Advisory Board. This is in retrospect of his degrees in finance, advertising, and professional marketing. Gonzalez admits that Business School has played a major role in his success in the financial sector and building long lasting professional relationships. Find out more about Jose Manuel Gonzalez by visiting his official LinkedIn page.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez also works closely with the International Monetary Fund and the European Commission. He also served on the board of the World Bank that works closely with the Federal Reserves. He also works with other organizations to build Latin America and give back to the community. He generously donates to many social and awareness causes for New Mexico. Gonzalez says by giving back he encourages others to do so. He also asks his colleagues to be generous donors for humanitarian rights for Latin Americans.

Gonzalez was recently involved with a major Spanish acquisition that brings relevance to monetary policy. Jose Manuel Gonzalez continues to have a long diverse career that is centered around helping others and contributing to the success of the growth of the International Advisory Board as the current Director of Operations.

Kate Hudson Keeps It Real

We shouldn’t expect any less from this adorable actress who America and the rest of the world has fallen in love with over the years. In this new commercial for Fabletics Kate Hudson really charms us with candid Iphone videos of her just being herself in her day to day life and enjoying her workout routine. Even though she is this beautiful Hollywood actress Kate has a way of making women from all walks of life want to be her best friend. She keeps it real and women love her for that.

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You may think Fabletics is just another business a celebrity started, but this line of active wear is truly exceptional in many ways. First of all, it is affordable so the everyday working woman won’t break the bank just to go work out in fashionable work out clothes. All women want to look nice even at the gym. Having the fun colors to wear that Fabletics offers can cheer you up and make you want to go hit the gym! Another reason the regular, non-celebrity woman can appreciate this active wear line is that it has something for everyone, no matter what size you are on Adweek. Whether you want sports bras or yoga pants or capri pants that have a way of slimming the figure or if you want tanks and shorts they have them all.

Fabletics has a variety of colors and styles also, including some things that are bright and vibrant with bold patterns and others that are more demure and neutral tones. Whatever your style or size they have it all.

With her Fabletics line and now with this new commercial, Kate shows us that she is in fact like us and enjoys life and wants to look good while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Her big smile tells it all and makes us all want to jump in and work out in fabulous Fabletics active wear.