The Man behind the Davos Financial Group

David Osio is name mentioned with terms like visionary, innovator and problem solver. This individual has reached many accolades for his success in the financial services industry. He has transformed the industry as a whole and has created links and bonds that will withstand the test of time in the industry. Below we’ll take a look at some of the accomplishments this individual holds and how his impact is changing the financial service industry.


David Osio is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Davos Financial Group. His comprehensive group is a collection of independent and licensed companies that help individuals and businesses in terms of creating assessment management strategies and platforms and numerous forms of financial advisory servicing. His company is the firm to breakthrough in Venezuela as their very first financial operating firm. Establishing this relationship has allowed for his team and affiliates to reach a global market unlike ever before. Funding a relationship with Venezuela also opens up that country to receiving support systems and advisory firms that can help focus on rebuilding that country’s financial assets and overall capabilities. The Davos group also houses offices and advisors stateside, featuring locations in Florida and New York to name a couple.


Before successfully managing the Davos Financial Group, Osio worked with an international banking firm in Miami as their Vice President. He worked directly with customers in order to acquire their business and help them manage their investment and trading strategies. His personal financing advice helped individuals in need and helped put a face to his name early on in his career. Mr. Osio is also very involved in charitable organizations. Two of his cited charities that he works to provide support and funding to include the Wayuu Taya Foundation and the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Venezuela. David was born in Venezuela and completed his law degree in country. He went on to take additional schooling in New York in order to solidify his knowledge of the financial services industry.


David continues to increase his influence with his newest partnership as CEO at Davos. He will take his talents and knowledge and will look to create a larger span of locations and places of operation for Davos. The future is bright for Mr. Osio and it will be interesting to see how his new position adds to his already impressive financial services career.