Reputation Management Company Gives Recommendations on PR Pitches

Status Labs is a company that has created an empire based upon creating ways to improve any business or individual’s online reputation. As the media is becoming more and more relied on, Status Labs has figured out the best way to not only prevent negative PR, but also to spread positive PR for any business or individual that is constantly subjected to the public eye. Thanks to the experts at Status Labs, clients have increased positive online content that is continuously updated. This enables companies to drive sales and participation among the consumers. With locations in different areas around the world, Status Labs is able to attract some of the most prestigious organizations that are in need of the expertise that is offered at Status Labs.

In recent news, Status Labs is offering free advice on how to deal with the PR that is involved with anyone or any business that is successful or in the public eye. Here are a few tips offered by Status Labs.

1. Always Stay on Topic

Any topic that is pitched or discussed should be thoroughly researched before the presentation. For a successful PR pitch remember that it is important to not waste anyone’s time during the pitch.

2. Know the Client

All clients that choose to work with specific companies or individuals want to know what advantage they will gain if choosing them. Before ever pitching an idea that is related to Public Relations, make sure to know the client and what their background is in. It is important to also engage the client on social media so that they can also see your profile.

3. Learn How to Tell a Story

Above all, clients like to be entertained. If the PR pitch is a good yet dry pitch with no passion or story line, there is a strong likely hood that the pitch will not be chosen. Learn how to turn the pitch into a story and use time, significance, as well as interest when giving an explanation. If the client likes you and your entertaining pitch, that client will turn into a long-lasting one. Visit Status Labs on Tumblr to learn more.

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Police Officer Turned CEO Becomes Philanthropist


There is a company that in the United States that is quietly doing good for a very broad base of people, and animals. Talk Fusion, a video technology company, was founded in 2007 by CEO, Bob Reina. As the company has grown and become successful, Reina has made it a priority to give back to others. He donated a whopping $1 million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society plus funding an Indonesian orphanage, and that was just a warm up. Reina also feels passionate about helping charities get more exposure for their cause. He gave his associates free-reign to give the charity of their choosing a free account that includes marketing, plus other brand specific products.

Bob Reina is a man with a mission to solve a problem, communicating through visually rather than simply by phone or written word. He has worked tirelessly to improve the methods of video communication via phone, computer, and so on. His company, Talk Fusion, has associates in 140 countries and still growing. Reina studied at the University of South Florida, he also worked as a police officer before fully committing to his entrepreneurial dreams.

Reina has always had a passion for marketing and technology, during the beginning stages of his new career he began by working to develop different means of communicating messages. Since then, there has been a whirlwind of business growth. Bob Reina still is committed to giving back to charitable causes, maintaining close relationships with his family, and improving his Florida community.


Shaygan Kheradpir Appointment as Coriant CEO Expected to Boost Its Growth

Coriant has just placed itself on the fast lane on a freeway of growth with the appointment of Shaygan Kheradpir as its CEO. Kheradpir, a veteran in the telecom technology industry with over 28 years of experience may just be the right recipe for taking Coriant to a new height. This is especially so considering the level of technical depth needed of a CEO in the constantly evolving technology industry if a company is to keep pace with the dynamism.

In an article that appeared in, a website dedicated to happenings in the communications industry, the appointment of Kheradpir is hailed as what Coriant needed going forward. Kheradpir is not such green on the organization culture at Coriant, having had worked closely with the company’s associates since the beginning of this year at Marlin Equity Partners. In mind, he must have articulated how things are run in the company and figured out the right formula for its thriving.

Kheradpir replaces Pat DiPietro, who returns to his role as an Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. DiPietro has been quoted saying Coriant is very fortunate to have an executive of Kheradpir’s repute leading the company. He acknowledges Kheradpir’s strategic insight and guidance focused on operational execution, that he has portrayed since the beginning of the year when they began working together.

Kheradpir has rich industry experience that extends to both technology and financial service industries. He has held plum positions in Verizon Communications, GTE, Barclays and more recently as CEO at Juniper Networks Inc. This will no doubt come in handy for a company in a highly competitive industry made up of the likes of Huawei, Alcatel, Cisco, Lucent and many others.

Coriant currently handles more than 500 customers with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion and would not want to take a gamble in an Executive appointment. An oncoming CEO has to be someone who really cements its position in the market even as he inspires growth. Kheradpir has tangible track record that makes his appointment more of a sure bet.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London but grew up in Iran. He moved to the United States for university education where he went ahead to earn a bachelor’s, masters and later a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. One thing that makes him appear extraordinary is his unrelenting pursuance of his goals. For this, Kheradpir went ahead to attain a doctorate degree while living in an area where university-level education has been deemed to be of little use.
Kheradpir has had such an interesting career journey. What do you say of someone who has served as CIO and CTO at Verizon, proceeded to being the Chief Operations and Technology Officer at Barclays and then a CEO at Juniper? Quite a blend of expertise. And When asked whether his was a deliberate career path to the top, he says his game plan right from the start has been to make his time impactful. To him, depth in what one is good at matters. For one to have a rewarding career journey, you must be an expert in the thing you are doing.

Doe Deere Talks About Creating Her Beauty Business

Doe Deere, founder of the beauty line Lime Crime, recently sat down for an interview to discuss starting her own business, the lessons that she’s learned along the way, and where she wants to grow. Not only did Deere have a lot of information for female business owners to learn from, it was an interesting look into how serendipitous new businesses can be. Started in 2008, Lime Crime was created out of necessity, to compliment a line of clothing that Doe Deere was selling online via popular site, eBay.

Deere recalled wanting to have creative control over all aspects of her fashion line, and not being able to find the color rich shades and hues of makeup that she envisioned models in. Her first clients were the same clients that were already purchasing her fashion designs, and all interested in unique, bold, and bright colors of makeup. Deere said that while this was an entirely new brand and line, it was easy for her to market to clients because she understood the customers that she wanted to reach.

One of the most impressive responses from Deere, and one that other business owners can learn from, is that success and the future of your business all centers around the customers. In the interview she said that success for her and the brand was the customers that are proud to wear and use the brand, and serving them to the best ability possible. When we love something, we talk about it, we use it, and Deere finds that her clients are the root of her success.

Breakthroughs and things in a saturated market that set you apart are integral to running a successful business, and while Lime Crime is all about the color options, lots of hard work and effort go into creating new products. For Lime Crime, their vegan, liquid to matte- a new market category- was, and has been huge. For Dee, being able to bring these new options to customers, and give them needed products that the industry has yet to fill the gap for has been rewarding and set her brand apart from all the big, name brands out there.

In the end, Doe Deere says it’s all about passion when starting your own business. Having a great product isn’t enough, you have to want it to succeed and do everything in your power to make all of it happen.


Skout App Now Available In The Polish Language

There is good news for Skout users in Poland. The social media app has announced last week that the application is now available in the Polish language. The release of Skout in the Polish language comes after years of rapid growth in the number of users of Skout in Poland. In just two years the number of communications between users of Skout in Poland grew by almost 50%. This is fueled in large part due to a larger amount of people now using social media apps like Skout to connect with friends and family.

Christian Wiklund, who is one of the co-founders of Skout and is the company’s current CEO says he is happy to announce the availability of Skout and all its features in the Polish language. Our company is always looking for ways to improve the experience of our users says Skout says Wiklund. The launch of Skout in Polish on the 20th of June will make our app much more accessible and easier to use for the Polish Skout community continued Skout CEO Wiklund.

Skout is a free to use and free to download social media application. You can find it at the app store through Apple or Google play. Skout is compatible with both iOS devices such as the Ipad and OS Android devices. While getting the app costs nothing and it is free to use and explore, there are many special features that can help you connect with others that must be paid for. However, even if you do not buy any special features or extras you can still connect with and meet new people through Skout.

The app was launched in 2007 and the company is based out of San Francisco, California. It is funded by venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz which is also from California. Skout has a global user base. You will find people from over 180 countries around the globe that use Skout on a daily basis. The app, including the newly launched Polish version is now available in 22 different languages.

The focus of Skout is on meeting people who are in your area that share the same interests. An interesting use of Skout by users is the taking of virtual trips around the world. This is when Skout users essentially show other Skouters their hometown or country through their lens. It is done by uploading photos or videos sometimes live ones through Skout so the other recipient can travel through their hometown or country in a virtual way.

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Becoming A Successful, Confidential SEC Whistleblower With An Attorney

People who are considering reporting their employer for securities violations under the SEC Whistleblower Program know reporting the possible violations is the right thing to do, yet they still hesitate. It’s difficult to turn in co-workers or supervisors who may also be friends. It’s even more difficult to utilize a company’s own internal reporting system, however, the SEC suggests that people do, unless they have a very good reason not to, such as a fear of retaliation. Employees who utilize their company’s internal reporting system have 120 days to report the information to the SEC: otherwise, it’s not original information.

Employees also hesitate to inform the SEC of possible violations because they initially condoned the act and they fear the SEC will say that they participated in the fraud. In cases like this, individuals should consult an attorney familiar with the SEC Whistleblower Program before submitting the tip.

The only way whistleblowers can anonymously report a possible securities violation under the Whistleblower Program is if an attorney represents them. The attorney becomes an intermediary between the SEC and his or client. An attorney that bills him or herself as an SEC whistleblower attorneys will try to get clients the largest possible monetary reward from the SEC. The whistleblower’s identity may come out in court; however, few cases reach the trial stage. The whistleblower will eventually have to give the SEC their name if they want to claim the reward, however, the SEC does not disclose whistleblower’s names, even when reporting a multi million-dollar reward.

The Dodd Frank Act’s whistleblower provision is complicated, even with regards to eligibility. Consulting with an SEC Whistleblower Attorney has many advantages in addition to anonymity. An attorney can help a person determine if he or she is eligible for a reward and explain employment protections offered to whistleblowers. In many cases, the whistleblower is a bookkeeper, outside auditors or mid-level manager, not an attorney, who might understand the details of the SEC Whistleblower Program. An experienced attorney will also help a client maximize their reward by helping their client to follow the SEC reporting instructions carefully.

Case evaluations are confidential and a potential whistleblower does not have to give his or her identity to an SEC Whistleblower attorney during the initial consultation.

The Man behind the Davos Financial Group

David Osio is name mentioned with terms like visionary, innovator and problem solver. This individual has reached many accolades for his success in the financial services industry. He has transformed the industry as a whole and has created links and bonds that will withstand the test of time in the industry. Below we’ll take a look at some of the accomplishments this individual holds and how his impact is changing the financial service industry.


David Osio is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Davos Financial Group. His comprehensive group is a collection of independent and licensed companies that help individuals and businesses in terms of creating assessment management strategies and platforms and numerous forms of financial advisory servicing. His company is the firm to breakthrough in Venezuela as their very first financial operating firm. Establishing this relationship has allowed for his team and affiliates to reach a global market unlike ever before. Funding a relationship with Venezuela also opens up that country to receiving support systems and advisory firms that can help focus on rebuilding that country’s financial assets and overall capabilities. The Davos group also houses offices and advisors stateside, featuring locations in Florida and New York to name a couple.


Before successfully managing the Davos Financial Group, Osio worked with an international banking firm in Miami as their Vice President. He worked directly with customers in order to acquire their business and help them manage their investment and trading strategies. His personal financing advice helped individuals in need and helped put a face to his name early on in his career. Mr. Osio is also very involved in charitable organizations. Two of his cited charities that he works to provide support and funding to include the Wayuu Taya Foundation and the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital in Venezuela. David was born in Venezuela and completed his law degree in country. He went on to take additional schooling in New York in order to solidify his knowledge of the financial services industry.


David continues to increase his influence with his newest partnership as CEO at Davos. He will take his talents and knowledge and will look to create a larger span of locations and places of operation for Davos. The future is bright for Mr. Osio and it will be interesting to see how his new position adds to his already impressive financial services career.


The Importance Behind Lime Crime’s 2 Million IG Followers

Social media tends to be the number one source of information in today’s world, and far exceeds traditional news as a source for research. In order to discover the new, current, and important, flocking to social media is crucial as it tends to deliver answers. In need of reviews or testimonials? Head to social media! The influence of the social outlet trends so heavily in today’s world that the amount of followers a company has tends to put them over the top or way down on the list of shame. This is why Lime Crime’s announcement that they have exceeded two million followers on Instagram is big news.

The makeup company was developed by the colorful Russian beauty, Doe Deere. Often referred to as Unicorns, the fans of this company uses its Instagram page to share their makeup of the day, the art that they really can create using these products, and also use it as a means to obtain further inspiration to colorize their rocking worlds. Used as more of a means of self-expression, this Instagram is anything but dull and traditional.

Before their social media page began growing in popularity on the @LimeCrimeMakeup page, and Lime Crime’s regular website linked to the page in an attempt to give their followers the attention that they truly deserve, due to the fact that their makeup choices are far more than average, but are artistic at best. As the company continues to demonstrate that their fans and followers are everything, their popularity continues to grow, and the precious Unicorns can rest well knowing that their favorite makeup will be around for quite some time.  Check out their Facebook news feed for updates, and check out what they have to offer on Amazon.

The Importance of Internet for Reputation

For success, a person needs to have a good reputation. There has been a lot of changes made on how reputation is best managed, or how to remove negative search results. These days, the Internet is the first and primary source of information for people. Therefore, if one is hoping to manage his reputation, the Internet is where he must place all of his focus. For one thing, people go to search engines in order to look up information about a particular business or person. Therefore, it is important that one makes sure that the front page of the search results contain no bad information about him.

One of the best ways to manage online reputation is with the help of an online reputation management firm. One firm that does a worthwhile job of managing online reputation for clients is This firm manages the reputation of its clients primarily by providing optimized content for the search results. With a wealth of information for the search results, the bad reviews or damaging information about the client will pushed off of the front pages of the search results. There are other methods to take care of the online search results of their clients which can include having some sources remove the bad report.

Online reputation management goes well beyond keeping the search results free of bad reports. If one manages to keep presenting good news about his business on a regular basis, then he will continue to be successful with the clients that he has. He will also continue to gain new clients. Another way that one can manage his own reputation is to keep engaged with his clients so that they will know what the business owner is up to. They will also have the chance to be apart of the upcoming event if they want to be. After all, business is social in nature.

Ross Abelow Recognized as Top New York City Advocate

Ross Abelow, a highly respected New York City attorney, was recently profiled in an article by XRepublic. In a city that is almost saturated with lawyers, Abelow certainly stands out in the crowd for his proven track record in successfully representing a variety of clients and working tirelessly to obtain amazing results. It is easy to see why XRepublic would feature a lawyer like Abelow after reading about his decades of experience in obtaining even better results for clients than they would have anticipated.

Even though Abelow has the capacity to practice in many different areas of law, he focuses his main practice on entertainment law, divorce law, family law and commercial law. No matter the size or prestige of the individual or corporate client that Abelow represents, he has a strong reputation for treating each case like it is his only priority. From more than two decades of hands-on experience, Abelow is a seasoned advocate in both the courtroom and the boardroom. His proactive approach to negotiating the most advantageous contracts for clients is matched only by his professionalism and prowess in the courtroom.

It is typical for lawyers to claim that they have the best interests of their clients in mind every step of the way. For Abelow, this is not just a catchy advertising claim. He understands that the legal process is something most people try to avoid and that they may require more in-depth guidance through litigation so that they actually understand the process. Abelow is more than willing to invest the time and energy in making sure that his clients are true partners in the litigation process and that they are fully aware of their role. He welcomes questions from clients and truly enjoys helping people see the light at the end of the tunnel through their legal situations.

In addition to being a highly regarded attorney in New York City, Abelow is also actively involved in the community and many charitable causes. One of Abelow’s favorite charitable causes is finding homes for the many stray animals in the city. Abelow has been particularly active in fundraising to help support animal shelters throughout New York City to help supply stray animals with food, blankets and medication. He recently raised about $5,000 toward this goal and remains very committed to promoting the cause. Abelow is one of the few attorneys who truly put their money where their mouths are.

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