Step Into The World of Real Estate With This Training Program

It takes a lot of training to start a new career in real estate. Real estate agents have to win the trust of their clients, list their homes and make successful sales. The agents also need to feel motivated to go to work every day. Real Estate Mavericks offers the training and motivation necessary for starting a career in this industry.

Real Estate Mavericks was founded several years ago by Greg Hague. The company provides the tools necessary for finding a spot in the world of real estate. There are over a million realtors who do business using the same formula, but Real Estate Mavericks breaks that routine with their own formula. The plans include tips on listing homes and courses to help agents upgrade their LinkedIn profiles. Greg Hague uses thought-provoking techniques that get clients excited about starting their real estate business. He would rather get straight to the point and open their eyes than take clients through the same old business plan.

Greg Hague is an experienced real estate consultant, lawyer, businessman and entrepreneur from Arizona. He has been one of the top real estate agents in America for over 25 years. Greg struggled in the beginning of his career in real estate. The struggle got to the point where other agents would not list with him. He decided to stop following the traditional techniques, and he became the top selling agent in Arizona in just two years. Greg has even built a multi-state real estate firm of 122 offices and 4,000 agents. His resume also includes the Hague Law Group, the 990 Company, CEO of Harvey Mackay University, professor at the Phoenix School of Law and former Dale Carnegie instructor. He also runs Savvy Dad and SmartsMatter, which are two websites designed for dads and those looking for self-help techniques.

It is not easy to sell a home when an agent is not motivated to do the job. Greg Hague is straight-forward and eye-opening with his edgy coaching, but he also uses techniques to make agents feel excited and motivated to go to work. Greg has helped over 10,000 real estate agents succeed in America.

Individuals who are ready to step into the world of real estate should consider signing up for the Real Estate Mavericks training program. Greg Hague works hard to help real estate agents list more homes and dominate the real estate market.