Handy Services Are Available To Everyone

There’s nothing worse than having hope that a startup will be successful and having it fail, but Homejoy Inc. is now experiencing this. Homejoy Inc., whose been around for some time now, they’ve recently had to file for bankruptcy. Even after collecting $38 million in startup funding, they’ve filed for bankruptcy due to several factors. Homejoy Inc. had home cleaning services that started at $25 an hour, and they were also adding carpet cleaning services as well as expanding their service lineup. Even with their past success, the company could not withstand many of its obstacles and had to ultimately file for bankruptcy, which now puts Handy, a competing company, in the forefront for those who need home cleaning services.

Those who have a smartphone can also download the Handy application, and they can book a cleaning or any other Handy service as they feel the need to. Handy is not only an amazing service, but it’s also affordable as well. Those who are looking for any type of service that Handy offers can book the services, and they’ll find out the price of the service as well as what the service consists of. If there is a change and the service needs to be canceled, this can also be done online as well.

Handy is unlike any other cleaning service because every person that Handy hires is a professional. Each Handy worker is professionally trained to clean a home, assemble items, fix plumbing, and a lot more. Those who hire a Handy service person will know that they are getting the best type of person for the work, and they’ll also know that they are paying a very affordable price is well. Handy is becoming a very popular service, and many are raving about the professional work that they are getting from the workers at Handy. Those who need any kind of services done in their home should contact Handy services, especially since they can have a worker come out to a person’s home the very next day. Don’t wait any longer, give Handy a call.

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