FreedomPop is Poised to be the Leader in Wireless Service Providers

FreedomPop is gearing up to have a very productive 2016 and a recent article detailed all the exciting things on the horizon for the relatively new wireless company. The article titled “MVNO FreedomPop launched Black Friday Promotions of Cheaper Devices, Free Month of Service” appeared on and discussed how FreedomPop planned to offer steep discounts as well as their future expansion plans.

Propelled by an investment from Intel Capital, FreedomPop plans to expand its offerings in the coming year. The article mentioned that this new funding is perfect timing for FreedomPop since they recently received $10 million in investment capital from Axiata Group, a major telecom firm that reaches millions of customers worldwide and an additional $60 million in June 2015 from several investors. Stephen Stokols, CEO of FreedomPop, remarked on the high satisfaction rate with its investors but stated there are no plans to sell the company just yet.

FreedomPop not only discounts wireless service, but also offers substantial discounts on mobile phones and tablets for its customers. Devices are discounted up to 90% off retail that brings a new level of access for those who may have previously had difficulty obtaining a device due to the cost. FreedomPop sells some of the most popular smartphones and tablets on the market, ensuring customers don’t have to settle for less when they choose them as a provider. This coupled with their completely free model puts them in position to be at the forefront of affordable wireless providers.

FreedomPop’s goal is to change mobile service as we know it by offering more free services than any of the current wireless service providers. Their business model is simple: provide subscribers with the 100% free wireless phone and internet service. Freedompop is hailed as the “First Ever Free Mobile Phone Service” and they offer portable Wi-Fi devices that allow customers to access the internet any time, any place.