Sujit Choudhry Helps Create Democracies Around the World

On July 10, 2017, a group of government and constitutional experts met in Kiev to to discuss some of the problems that the Ukraine was experiencing under its semi-presidential form of government. Sujit Choudhry was among the experts that attended the conference. It was Choudhry’s opinion that the government of the Ukraine was experiencing instability. He suggested that part of this instability was due to the president having too much power. Choudhry also identified problems with the electoral process of the legislative branch of the Ukraine. Additionally, Choudhry said that the relatively weak political parties in the Ukraine also added to the government’s instability. A note-worthy article of an interview of the professor on

Sujit Choudhry is a comparative constitutional scholar who is recognized around the world. Choudhry has very strong academic credentials. He earned a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University. He graduated with law degrees from Oxford, Harvard and the University of Toronto. In addition to his educational achievements, Choudhry also has an excellent professional background. Early in his career, he served as a law clerk for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. Later, he went on to teach law at the University of New York and the University of California Berkley Law School.

Sujit Choudhry has over 20 years of experience at helping nations transition from dictatorships to democracies. This transitional process often involves building constitutions that protect the rights of minority ethnic groups from abuse and oppression from members of the ethnic majority. This transitional process often must begin during times of violent conflict. Sujit Choudhry’s experience includes both extensive research and practical hands-on field work. Choudhry has served as an advisor to many countries including South Africa, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Jordan.  Related article on

Sujit Choudhry’s contributions to the field of comparative constitutional law are extensive. In addition to his research and field work, Choudhry is also a very active writer. He has published over 90 articles and papers related to constitutional law. He has also written several books including The Migration of Constitutional Ideas and Constitution Making.  Check this here. Sujit Choudhry continues to work tirelessly to help countries around the world develop democratic governments that protect the rights of its citizens.  For his timeline activity updates, hit on

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Eric Lefkofsky Helped Cancer Patients with Data

The point of Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus company is to give cancer patients the ability to get the treatment they deserve. Even though Eric Lefkofsky is not a medical doctor, he knows how important it is to provide the right type of treatment for people who have cancer. He wants to support doctors to help them realize they can do different things. It is what has allowed him to keep adding data and doing different things that will make things better for every doctor who is trying to treat cancer. Eric Lefkofsky knows what it will take to give them what they are looking for and what they can do to make things better. He uses Tempus to provide these solutions and collect data on cancer treatment. While Tempus has been able to perform well since they started, Eric Lefkofsky wanted to do more to make even more of an impact for all his customers.

Part of what he could do to help people was offering them the solutions that came along with treatment. The other thing he wanted to do was offer them the help of a company like Cancerlinq. The two companies worked together and formed a partnership they were going to use for 10 years. With this partnership, they’d be able to help each other realize there were different things they could do. They also knew the partnership would allow them to feel positive about how they were helping the patients who were using the treatment methods they gathered data on.

As both Tempus and Cancerlinq grow, they are doing what they can to make the business better. They want their patients to realize they can do more and they can do the best job possible. Part of the company has tried to make sure the patients are getting what they can and doing their best to provide people with the opportunities they need. It has given them the chance to help people with the different situations they are in and with the experiences they have tried to make better for everyone who works in the business on their own.

Chris Burch Is More Then Just Ordinary

Take a well deserved vacation get away, and travel to the Indonesian island of what was previously known as Sumba. As you approach the island, you will be in awe with the beautiful resort community that is now known as Nihiwatu. This place is miraculously filled with wonder, and amazement. It sits on the ocean, so the view is fantastic. It has twenty villas, each with its own plunge pool. This marvelous vision belong to Chris Burch, and his partner James McBride. They bought the island, and $30 million dollars in renovations later, it is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world.   For more of this, check on

Chris Burch started this venture as a gift for his children, and it has turned into a fantasy land that could only be imagined in someone’s mind. Chris had that vision, and the result of it is the most luxurious resort on an international span. Chris splits his time between his home in The Hamptons, Miami, and Raja Mendaka, which is the name of the main house on the island. Related article on  Chris is well known as a fashion mogul who started his career when he was an under graduate at Itchica College. He and a partner started a company called Eagle Eye which was a fashion business. This company earned over $160 million dollars before they sold it.  Check

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He is probably better known for his apparel brand, Tory Burch. Currently, he is at the helm of his financial entity, Burch Creative Capital where he boosts brands for many others in the industry. He has partnered to make ED by Ellen Degeneres a popular brand. He is dedicated to producing and creating brands, and they are all favored by him, especially his newest hostel in Indonesia, Nihiwatu. He is genuinely devoted to his five star resort that he has built on the Indonesian Island.

Nihiwatu is giving back to the community in which it thrives. It employees the largest number of workers on the island. A portion of the profit from the hotel foes to the Sumba Foundation which is an organization that helps people in the community. Chris’s home on the island, Raja Mendaka, is made available to guests when not in use. It has four other villas around it. Chris is a firm believer that paying close attention to details can mean the difference between succeeding and failing. Hit on to read about his new and follow on investment.

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Since 1996 (now our 25th year), our main goal has been to spice up and support investors and traders such as you to become perpetually freelance and financially freelance operators.

With education, training, commercialism systems, and tough business trainers, Netpicks is committed to serving to you become a profitable operator that allows you to leverage the liberty of manner that skilled commercialism can give. each operator is completely different and there square measure many various commercialism systems that one may take into account.

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Brazilian law Mogul

Are you looking for a lawyer in Brazil? Such an exercise shouldn’t be any difficult since there is considerably a good number of legal practitioners in the country. There is an ever-increasing number of lawyers in different towns across Brazil. Elder lawyers have become more skillful by the day.

Brazilian law over the years has soared greater heights. This institution has also seen the growth of influential law practitioners in equal measure. Amongst the most iconic law gurus in the country is referred to as Ricardo Tosto. Amongst the greatest law icons in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto. He is located in the capital but works for clients in any place around the globe.

Ricardo Tosto has been named as one of the greatest lawyers and law entrepreneurs of all time. He is also said to have outstanding strategies in his undertakings. Ricardo has had a journey from his times as an amateur lawyer operating from a small room in the city to being one of the largest law offices in the country. He has actively been involved in defense of companies and personalities in cases that were monumental. Such cases have certainly gained serious national repercussions. The rulings for such cases have later been used in other rulings in Brazilian courts majorly for reference. This is referred to as obiter dictum. He has been involved with politicians as well. While in the course of his career, challenges have been inevitable. He has found himself in situations that required great caution and keenness. Ricardo Tosto has maintained honor in his career and steered away from the negative limelight. People that have met him in the corridors of Brazilian justice consider him as heavily combative. His office has been at the center of judicial and legal reforms. Some of the activities he has been involved in have been of great economic importance in the country. In the early 2000’s his office was involved in the adoption of several legal mechanisms that would later be used for common law practice in Brazil.

Ricardo will continue setting the bar higher for other law practitioners in the country and beyond.

Why Matt Badiali Believes Copper Will Remain Important in the Future

     The price of copper has never reached its current level since 2014. From the last half of last year, its price has been increasing tremendously. But what factors have been contributing to this positive growth?

Electric vehicles are believed to be responsible for this growth. The available data about electric vehicles shows that their number is expected to increase from 3 million this year to over 27 million in 2027. This will consequently lead to growth in the annual demand for copper from 185,000 today to about 1.74 million metric tons in ten years’ time.

Other Factors Contributing to the Rise in the Demand for Copper

In most cases, copper has been found to be sensitive to economic changes taking place in the society. The demand for copper is expected to rise as the world has shown economic recovery. The increasing demand for oil is high hence that of copper is expected to increase too. Due to the high demand for copper, its price will rise also. However, it is the electric vehicles that will cause a significant change in the demand and price of copper soon.

What Is Causing the Oil Prices to Increase?

Oil has reached its highest price in about 2 1/2 years. What has caused this increase? Is it advisable to invest in petroleum companies? One of the most significant contributors to the rise in oil prices has been production cuts by OPEC members. Another critical factor has been increased demand for oil in the market. Its consumption in Mexico and Latin America, in general, has been on the rise. This is the right time to invest in oil companies.

Who is Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali works at Banyan Hill Publishing, and he is the editor of Real Wealth Strategist. He has extensive knowledge about natural resources as he has a degree in Earth Sciences and a Masters in Geology from two prominent universities, Penn State and Florida Atlantic respectively. While working as a geologist in an oil drilling company, he got an opportunity to visit different countries such as Haiti, Singapore, and Switzerland among others.

Through Real Wealth Strategist, Badiali shares his knowledge and experience with minerals. He writes on various topics about metals such as their current and expected demand. Investors in the mineral sector find this information essential as it helps them in making investment decisions. For over ten years, he has used his knowledge to make money from investment in mineral resources.

The Kind of Investor Every Society Needs- Roberto Santiago

The dream of every entrepreneur is to see his business flourish. This is the primary goal for most investors. Roberto Santiago’s goal was, however, different to other business people. He aimed to improve the welfare of his people. Santiago had observed that the residents had to travel to other locations to access the fun joints. This additional cost blocked many occupants from having their leisure time. The distance also demanded a lot of time. This became his project at a young age. He wanted to revive the entertainment sector of the area.

Roberto Santiago went to both Pio-X-Marist College and the University of Joao Pessoa. He studied Business Administration. This was essential for the project that he was going to undertake. It helps the investor to maximize the output of the products.

Roberto Santiago then secured a job in Café Rosa. This was a home décor company. Santiago gathered all the knowledge he needed here. Santiago must have a grasp of good investment skills because he began his Cartonnage Company. He manufactured cardboards using cartons. This grew to one of the prestigious home décor company in Brazil.

Roberto Santiago did not forget his mission. In 1987, he bought the land that he would build the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. He must have had a great strategy. This is because, after two years, the mall was complete.

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has a lot of activities that people engage in for fun purposes. The mall has everyone covered despite their age. Their gaming facilities and playing stations for children. Their also beautiful views that people can enjoy as they enjoy a drink together. There also activities like food tasting that a family can enjoy together. The mall has numerous restaurants to ensure that everyone gets what they want. Their food range from traditional foods to all modern foods.

Then there is the Domus Hall. Here, the residents enjoy watching films in 3D. Those who have been here, say that the experience cannot be compared with any other experience. It is exciting and thrilling. They explain that you visit the scene and feel what the actor is experiencing. This is because of the great auditory range and a fantastic lighting system.

Apart from the entertainment sector, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall has boosted the economic growth of the residents. This is because the good infrastructure and social amenities in the area have attracted other investors. They are, therefore, enjoying a variety of products in their shopping. The presence of substitutes has also led to improved quality of products and great prices.

Roberto Santiago achieved his dream of reviving the leisure life of the people. In the process, he also improved the economic sector of the area. His project has been nothing but fulfilling.


How The American Institute Of Architects Has Benefited The Society

     Robert Ivy, the chief executive of American Institute of Architects (AIA), is also a registered architect. He holds a Masters of Architecture that he achieved from Tulane University. Ivy pursued his masters between 1972 to 1976. Other than that, he holds a Bachelor of Arts in English that he acquired in Sewanee: The University of the South. While there he studied cum laude in English between the year 1965 and 1969. His background and commitment to Education have nurtured him into the outstanding architectural journalist that he is. His journals are read globally by a lot of people.

Between the year 1981 and 1986, Robert Ivy served as a principal at Dean/Dale. He had his career breakthrough in 1996. Ivy was given the chance of serving as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record and led it to become the world’s read architectural journal. He also served as the Editorial Director and Vice president of McGraw-Hill Construction Media. It included Green Source. Under Robert Ivy’s leadership, Architectural Record won several awards. In 2003 it was awarded as the National Magazine honored for its excellence. Other than that, the magazine was also awarded the premier magazine journalism award. As if all these weren’t enough, they still managed to earn the 26 Jesse H Neal awards seven doozies.

Owing to his success in editorial media and lifelong contributions, he also bagged the G.D Crain award in 2009.

Robert Ivy became an authority in the world of architecture. Alpha Rho Chi, an architectural national fraternity 2010, identified Robert as the master architect. He outdid renowned architects like Cass Gilbert, John Wellborn Root, Richard Buckminster Fuller and Ludwig Mies Van Del Rohe, to receive the master architect award in 100 years.

Robert Ivy is dauntless in communication. His prowess in connection has enabled him to deliver some speeches and also to be host in many interviews. He has hosted famous people. He served severally as the United States Commissioner at Venice Architecture Biennale. Robert has written a biography called Fay Jones which is in its third edition. The Biography is a detailed layout of what architecture involves. This work has indeed proven Robert Ivy as the master architect and entirely deserving of the award he was handed.

The American Institute of Architects one of the institutions that honor the values of the people. It has always worked in a bid to better the community they are in.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Committed to Finding the Cure to Cancer at Affordable Cost

Mikhail Blagosklonny currently serves as the professor of Oncology at Rosewell Park Cancer Institute which is located in Buffalo, New York. Over the years Blagosklonny has been conducting researches on cancer and some of its therapies. Blagosklonny besides being an academician is also the Editor in Chief of Oncotarget journal and has published a lot of research on the topic of aging. Blagosklonny has contributed a lot in finding better treatment methods for cancer at a relatively lower cost that everyone could afford. One of Blagosklonny major achievements is in the research on the healing properties of Rapamycin. Rapamycin is a drug that plays a very critical role when it comes to organ transplant. The drug which is also known as Sirolimus helps prevent organ rejection during an organ transplant.

Rapamycin besides is used in coronary stents coating and also in the treatment of a rare lung disease known as Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM). Of particular interest to Blagosklonny is Rapamycin ability to treating cancer.Rapamycin was first discovered in 1972 and was then used as an anti-fungal agent. On further testing, it was realized that the drug had some tremendous immunosuppressive and antiproliferative properties. These amazing properties of the drug made physicians abandon the use of the drug as an anti-fungal agent. Rapamycin has turned out to be one of the best drugs due to its immunosuppressant properties. These properties have made it possible for surgeons to carry out organ transplant without the fear of rejections. Prior to the discovery of Rapamycin in cases of organ rejection doctors used to prescribe anti-rejection drugs or calcineurin inhibitors. However, these drugs had some adverse effects on the kidney once used over a long period of time. This is where Rapamycin comes into play as the drug when used as an immunosuppressive drug during transplant has little to no effect towards the kidney.

Rapamycin due to its incredible healing properties is used in the treatment of diseases such as hemolytic-uremic syndrome, Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), coronary stent coating, Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC), Facial angiofibromas and cancer.Mikhail Blagosklonny besides being a professor and an editor is also a philanthropist. Part of his philanthropic activities is in making sure that cancer patients around the world get the best type of treatment regardless of their social economic status. To achieve this goal Blagosklonny is conducting extensive research on cancer and aging and more specifically the relationship between the two as cancer tends to attack individuals who have reached a certain age. Blagosklonny has made a positive mark in the field of oncology and has been a source of inspiration to his peers and students who are aiming to advance research in oncology.Mikhail Blagosklonny published articles on different topics especially in regards to cancer and aging has earned him recognition in the medical field and on Mikhail Blagosklonny goal is not only in finding the cure for cancer disease but also finding a treatment method that is less painful and affordable as opposed to the current excruciating and expensive treatment method that only a few wealthy people can afford.

A Closer Look into Serial Entrepreneur, Shiraz Boghani

     Mr. Shiraz Boghani is a zealous innovative entrepreneur and a successful business executive. With an accounting background, Boghani business interest has been in the healthcare and hospitality industry in the UK. Currently, he owns 19 hotels and has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. In 2016, he received the Hotelier of the Year award at the Asian Business Award.

Background Information

In 1969, Shiraz Boghani arrived in the UK from Kenya. He trained as an accountant and started his career at KPMG.

Shiraz Boghani began his entrepreneur journey in the 80’s. He co-founded and became a managing partner of the Sussex Health Care. In the 1990s, Shiraz Boghani became the first entrepreneur in London to introduce limited services branded hotels. Over the years he has taken part in over 25 such projects.

Shiraz Boghani is the chairman and director of the Splendid Hotel Group. Splendid is one of the leading privately owned hotel group in the UK with 20 prestigious trading hotels. Furthermore, he serves as the chairman and managing partner of Sojourn Hotel LLP. Founded in 2007, Sojourn Hotel LLP is a UK-based investment portfolio involved in acquiring, developing and managing of hotels.

Shiraz Boghani most recent projects include the development of the prestigious Hilton London Bankside and The Conrad London St James. Also, he launched the Holiday Inn London and The Grand Hotel & Spa in New York.

Sussex Health Care

Founded in 1985, Sussex Health Care is a UK-based care and support home. It constitutes 24 Care homes in Sussex with over 500 beds capacities. With over 1000 staffs, Sussex Health Care offers a variety of quality person-centred services. Its primary mission is taking care of older people and adults who are physically challenged as well as learning disabilities.

Sussex Health Care has specialized equipment and facilities with professional staff to take care variety of needs and disabilities. It focuses its services on dementia care, specialist adult care, palliative care and neurological care. Also, it offers day care, respite care, and education services. For education, they partner with local colleges to come up individualized educational programs. Furthermore, Sussex Health Care renders services like occupational therapy and physiotherapy services.

A member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts in England, Shiraz Boghani is also involved in charitable projects. He is an ardent supporter of Aga Khan Foundation where he serves as the Resource Development Convener. Also, he has served at Ismaili Community as a member of National Council.